Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today's question comes from Mr. Hughes' student, L.M.

Question: Mrs. E, is it okay to make up words in your story?
(explained that her characters are calling other characters names and they were like combinations of words or jumbled words).

Answer: Absolutely. This is your story and you can make up words, especially if you are writing sci-fi or fantasy.

But be careful not to overload your story with made up words as your reader will get frustrated and stop reading because they can't pronounce the words in their head. So, yes do make up words for your story but limit the amount of made up words you are using.

In one of my stories, I didn't make up words but have used some foreign phrases (I know, not the same as making up words) since my story is set in France, but my readers shouldn't have a problem figuring out what the meaning of the phrases are based on content and they are pretty common phrases - Je'taime (I love you) and things like terms of endearment, Mon Cherie, ma cherie and a few other fitting phrases in the story.

Thanks for the question, L.M. and keep on writing - Mrs. E ;)

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