Saturday, February 04, 2012

Dropping Followers

I just went through my followers listing and dropped 11 as their information was foreign and if I can't read or follow their blog, no reason to keep them on my list. Sorry but all you folks from Asia aren't doing me any good following me.

Now I need 70 more followers to reach the 150 mark, so come on folks - the free ebooks are still up for grabs. Just follow my blog but please make sure you have a valid blog and that I can contact you to find out which ebook you are interested in - E :)


Rena said...

I probably have a few like that also.

elysabeth said...

most of the ones I dropped had no profile or were in a foreign language and if I can't find any profile or a blog then no need having them following me - lol.

Thanks for stopping by - E :)

JAZEVOX said...

dropping by here in your blog today, browsing around.