Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Is it for real, 1 month gone already?

2006 - has come in fairly quickly and already it's been a weird month. Here it is the end of the month and everything has moved so quickly.

A quick update - the two contests I entered didn't place but congrats to a friend of mine for placing 2nd runner up (again a shared second place) on the Christmas contest we both entered for the www.armchairinterviews.com site. The Dahlonega literary festival (http://www.literaryfestival.org) judges only picked the top 8 stories due to the rest not meeting their harsh scores (but that's okay) and the South Carolina Book Festival (www.scbookfestival.org) is coming up. I have volunteered to help at both book festivals and am looking forward to meeting more authors and publishers and other writing related persons.

I have entered a short story in the South Carolina Fiction Project (selectees will be notified the 1st of July), so fingers crossed on that. I am rewriting my mystery as a "contemporary young adult fiction" story to be submitted later this year for a Random House (Delacourt) contest. Also a call for submission for Creative Nonfiction, the magazine, in conjunction with Southern Methodist University's Sports in America edition, Anatomy of Baseball, has been done.

Armchair Interviews is running yet another contest (an April Fool's one this time) and I will probably submit for that one as well. There is another call for submission on Creative Nonfiction for medical essays and I will work on that.

Reviews - they are trickling in - reviewed Nicci French's book catch me when I fall and it is posted on Amazon.com (under armchairinterviews as the author) as well on the main site. Have just finished Paul Levine's The Deep Blue Alibi (due to be released today) and will post a review on the Armchair site shortly -

Guess this is as good as it gets right now - more postings later - hopefully good news further down the line - E :)