Monday, February 20, 2012

What to do with your books (if not self-published and are part of your package)

Previously, I talked about a chapter from the "Self Publishing Checklist" book that I had requested just for ending up on website which had an ad for the book as a freebie.

Obviously, this book is geared toward folks who use Bookstand Publishing as their publisher. In the paperwork that was included with the book, the cost to self publish includes 48 copies of your book. So there is a chapter titled "Promoting Your Book What Do I Do with 48 Books?" and so I thought I would share what they recommend doing with these books as a followup on the marketing plan postings.

For me, I don't have 48 books lying around to use for promotion but that is my choice. I order books when I can to keep on hand for any upcoming events. The most I've had of any one title at a time was 50 but technically there were some copies already sold from that 50 and I had to purchase those from my publisher at a very high cost to me. I'm trying to keep about 15 to 25 of each title on hand at any given time which all depends on the events coming up and the title itself. I don't have any of my Passport Across America book on hand but will probably order a few for the SCASL coming in March, just to have a few available. I will only keep 5 or less of this title on hand. "Train of Clues" will be used as a giveaway and what I read from at school visits and other events where a reading is required. The JGDS state books and Finally Home are slowly building to have a nice supply available. What I do, when I can, is order 5 or so copies of several titles at once.

So if I weren't paying for my 48 copies of books (okay, yes I'd have paid for those copies on the publishing end by way of whatever the cost of the package was) and needed ways to promote my books, this is what "The Self Publishing Checklist" suggests:

15 copies - for family and friends in exchange for reviews

13 copies - to send out for reviews to various places
(,, and; local newspapers w/press release, targeted magazines with press release; targeted websites with press release)

5 copies - distribution to local bookstores or gift shops (on a consignment basis)

15 copies - for sales at signings or speaking engagements

I've not sent books to the review sites and this may be my next project, after the fact of course - since the books are already published and have sold a few copies.

Personally, I'd rather my family and friends purchase a copy and when the expense of book promotion is all on your shoulders, you tend to be very picky about who gets free copies, because either way you have to pay for those copies some how.

Hope you all have many reviews on your books and that in turn is bringing the sales to you. Keep on writing and see you all in the postings. Until next time - E :)

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mykindle said...

Self-publishing offers the author a much larger royalty and the costs are relatively inexpensive, sometimes even free! Moreover, self-publishing doesn't require storage space for your printed books, as each one is ordered, a book is printed and mailed to the customer. No muss, no fuss! Neat!