Tuesday, October 30, 2007

and yet another thing from the writer's conference

It's funny when I'm telling the kids what went on this weekend and things I forgot to put in the original blog posting - but here is the thing - I just thought this was really cool - we were staying at the Hilton at Myrtle Beach - and I had forgotten my deodarant and some Tylenol (the gift shop wanted 5 bucks for a small tube of deodarant and like 4.50 for 8 small tablets of Tylenol - I thought yikes - too expensive for my blood - so I decided I would try to find my ride and get him to take me to Wal-Mart. Well the lady running the gift shop said, "you know, we have a shuttle and they probably can take you." I was like, "Really? to Wal-Mart?" She said probably and I asked how much it would cost me and she wasn't sure so I inquired at the front desk and I was told it was a free service and they would take me to Wal-Mart. Okay, how classy is this - riding the Hilton Shuttle to Wal-Mart - go figure - so that was my highlight Friday but my overall weekend highlight was being slushed - lol - I love that - so anyway - more on the conference fun stuff - see you all in the postings - E :)

some conference tidbits and - oh yeah, I won again!!!

I knew there was more to the conference than I had posted - here is a funny thing - we were at the beach and it rained all weekend - or it was cloudy and kind of cool but not cold. Sunday morning woke up and it was frigid but sunny. Finally got some heat from the sun on the way home and away from the beach. Apparently all the computers and clocks in the hotel were set to automatically change for daylight savings time this past weekend (my alarm was set for 6:30 and I heard my roommate in the shower thinking she was up pretty early and when I looked at the clock it said 6:10 and so I thought - I've got a bit of time, but then another of the roommate's cell phone was going off - so I went to get my cell phone to check on the time and it was really 7:10 - omg - I had overslept due to the clocks automatically setting back and no one who had an early wake up call received their call like they should have. Someone forgot to tell the Hiltons that daylight savings time didn't go into effect this past weekend. So we were all rushed but the day turned out pretty good for the most part.

We had to pay $10 a day for internet usage and then it wasn't even wireless (I was on the 19th floor of the Royale Palms which is a part of the Hilton but just condo like hotel of the same property) and we couldn't even pick up wireless connection - the only place you could pick up wireless was in the lobby and at best it was sketchy. Okay so no wireless in the rooms and we had to share the connection - which was ethernet and it was in the kitchen of all places - not very comfortable - if they are going to use ethernet connections - why not put in each bedroom and/or in the living area of the condo area - but I should have been able to pick up wireless with my built in wireless and I did but it was only one bar when someone else was connected on the ethernet cable and I was sitting in the dining room and she was right there at the kitchen counter hooked up. I think it was stupid but I never got my wireless to work. So goes life - one of the reasons I didn't really check in much this past weekend.

When I did get to check my emails and sort through the tons of things I found out I won another prize - I won a copy of Linas Alsenas' book Peanut on A Wrung Sponge's blog featuring Linas's snowflake last week. I seem to be on a winning streak lately - first the drawing of the goody basket - the mine, mine, mine one featured on Spider and Fly blog from Sheri Goad, and now the book Peanut just from leaving a comment on a blog. Guess you never know.

Next posting will be a small contest for the Fall Ya'll Blogging contest board and I'm still working on what to offer as a prize. So be on the look out for a small contest to come soon - E :)

Fall Ya'll Bloggy Giveaway - small contest

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm running a contest per the above link - all you have to do is post a comment on my blog and I pick a winner. Contest ends Saturday, November 3 at midnight. Drawing will be done on Monday, November 5 and the winner notified by email and then posted shortly afterwards.

The contest I'm running is I will pick a commentor from this posting only - in a drawing (will probably put all the names in a hat and let my son pick a name to be fair) and the winner will get a copy of the anthology - The Petigru Review with my story in it - signed however they would like on my story - E :)

I've been slushed at the SCWW writers' conference - WOW

As most of you know, I'm a member of the SCWW Greenville chapter and have been very thankful for them and the feedback I get from them. The group is very good to me and to everyone it seems but sometimes folks come one time, get their feelings hurt and never return (I did cry after my first critique but then got a good jolt of reality - I went to the group to get their feedback and they gave it to me and I needed to sit back and think without letting my tender heart get in the way and so because of them, I've grown as a writer in that I can take the criticism much better now, not that I always agree with what is said but I do not have to come home and cry because they didn't like a story or whatever it is I'm reading at the time). I also did a while back link to them as being the best conference in the state or some such wording.

Well this year's conference was great. I'm glad I volunteered and was there for the activities. I'm thankful for the opportunity to meet such great presenters and attendees. My favorite session was the slushfest - which from my busy schedule was the only workshop I attended of my choice - not that I didn't enjoy being a proctor or room monitor for the other things. A slushfest is fun - you bring in two pages of a story on transparencies and the faculty put them on the overhead projector and give some general feedback on what is there - I was in the short story/flash fiction session - we had about nine to twelve people in the room and about eight of us brought transparencies to get slushed - I was slushed and loved it. Time wsa of the essence and after the first five, Anne realized we needed to speed things up, so we ended up only doing one page of the last three - which was fine - we all got read - I got a one page reading but Anne (editor and publisher of the moonshine review, based in Charlotte, NC) did read my second page (she had my hard copy) while Beth, her co-editor, was giving comments on another story. After the session when I was picking up my copies, Anne said she wanted to read the rest of the story. So I got slushed in a postive way - I am going to submit my story to her and also think about submitting "The Cellar" to her in the future. I may have been reverted from ebook publishing but Anne does not consider "ebooks" as being published and since she only takes original, unpublished works for consideration, she said she still wanted to read the story - being that I was published but not print published and the stories are all back to me, then I may have found a home for "The Tulip Kiss".

I had a critique session with Andrea Brown (big time children's/YA agent) but my copies of my story were messed up - so the critique wasn't really necessary. What I emailed to the coordinator of the critiques and snail mailed was identical but didn't get sent that way to Andrea - Andrea received Page 1 (no header on any of my pages as was sent to Katie though) - and then pages 2 through 8 as duplicates - in other words - this is what I got back with Andrea's comments - page 1 with her comments, page 2, page 2, page 3, page 3, and all the way down to page 8 - so there were 17 pages in the packet and it should have been 16 total for the story since it was a short story anyway - and I had only signed up for the standard critique session (10 pages) - but still my title and name and the page numbers should have been on the pages and there should not have been any duplicate pages. I'm not sure what happened from me sending the story to get critiqued and the printing off from the email but since that was a story that had previously been published, I wasn't too worried about the critique. I really wanted to pitch my mystery state stories idea to Andrea and get some feedback on whether or not this is a doable thing.

I got home Sunday evening and was chilling out and got to thinking of what one of the attendees said about her critique and she had signed up for an extended (30 pages) and had sent in 24 pages and only got 12 pages back - so not sure what happened to the email versions of the stories we sent or the snail mailed ones either - because I sent mine with a cover page/synopsis between the two hard copies we were to send and I checked and the emailed version and the printed version were the same and had the header as directed on the website for the critiques - Needless to say, the critiques were good for some and not good for others. I don't really know what to make of that.

Eventually, I will find homes for all my stories and maybe something will snap like it should for the state stories -

I met some fun people this past weekend at the conference and I'll definitely be there next year - but for now - see you all in the postings - E :)

State band competition

This is my third year involved in marching band stuff and this is the third year we have made it to state since I've become involved (I'm sure we have made it to state many years prior to that). We placed second at upper state last weekend (the weekend of the 20th) being edged out by Blue Ridge (who seems to always take first regardless of their performance). This is the first competition I've missed in the three years since starting to be a band parent. I couldn't help it since I had to be at the conference as a volunteer (see next posting for more details). I left my kids in good hands (not bear's for the most part - lol) and left instructions with the lady who looks like me kind of - we could be twins except I think I'm an inch taller than she is - lol which isn't saying much since I'm only 5'2" (or 5'1-1/2" depending on who measures me). Anyway, I was proctoring a class and it was getting near the end of the workshop and she called me - I stepped out onto the veranda which was ocean front and found out the good news.

No we didn't win first (that's Blue Ridge - they got first for the whole state), but we did take 3rd place (this is a big deal because third place is medal winners as well as the first and second place teams). My kids were so excited that they medaled that they have been wearing their medals constantly.

I think one of them even said this was the first time in the school's history of competing and making it to state that they have medaled - so go Bears - we love that band -

I hope to have pictures posted later this week of upper state competition and state competition. I just got the link yesterday for the upper state competition pictures - and he hopes to have the ones from Saturday posted soon. So be on the lookout for those later this week - E :)

Birthdays and fun stuff

This past weekend was a busy one and I had to miss out Hailie's 15th b-day. I had to leave Thursday afternoon to head to Myrtle Beach for the SCWW writers' conference volunteers' meeting. (see next posting for complete details) I had stopped at Fred's here in town to see about getting a cell phone due to the fact that Bear wouldn't lend me his phone. I knew that the Wal-Mart in Laurens was a bit out of the way but it was okay to get to and get back to the meeting place for my ride (I don't drive long distances and definitely not somewhere I'm not familiar with). Anyway, I picked up a Gophone for the weekend's usage since I knew I would need it for staying in touch with the coordinators and whoever would call me (aka - one of my roommates used me a lot this weekend due to Sandra's phone not ringing and her answering her calls) but it was fine. I didn't mind.

So Friday was Hailie's 15th b-day and I had to call her while I was working which was fun because I was sitting in the bookstore that we had created for the authors to sell their books. We also had some individual publishers/presses selling their authors' books. So in the process of manning the booth, I found this delightful series of tween books - the Shandon Ivy League series - a series of stories written from the animals points of view - where the pets are the ones solving the mysteries (what a unique idea). Anyway about 3:30 I called bear's phone - figuring he was already picking up Hailie from school and she would answer but as it so happened he was at the high school but was in line waiting to ease up to get her and so I had a couple of minutes before she got in the car. So she gets in the car and he hands her the phone and I ask her if she would be interested in these books - at first she said no, probably not and then when I explained they were on the same level as the Bitsy books, she said yeah, probably she would read them. So I purchased all three - and the author autographed them for me to her - since it was her birthday. Ivy even has her own printed stamp - a paw print for signing the books with. The display was really cute and too bad I didn't have a camera phone or something to take pictures with.

So after wishing her happy birthday, asking about the books, and all - she headed to CVS to get some things for secret sister (colorguard thing) and to spend her money on her birthday stuff. I'm still not sure what all she got except last night she did get her $40 from her grandmother and bear gave her another $20 to get an MP3 player. So we headed over to Fred's because she wanted some shoes and they had the MP3 player for half the cost of what bear paid for Benjamin's at CVS - so I have a feeling that Benjamin will be taking his back because it has less memory than Hailie's does and it doesn't have a USB port to hook directly to the computer to download from.

Okay - so it sounds like she had a good birthday - even though I don't know what all she got or spent her money on - on the low side - our football team did lose the game Friday night - but they had a good time because the band competition the next day was worth it - see next posting - E :)

By time

Robert's Snow - Week 3

I'm a day late posting this but had been a bit out of the loop due to the writer's conference (see separate email) this past weekend and so I'm finally catching up on my postings for this.

If you can't get enough of the snowflakes from each of the featured illustrators, stop by 7-impossible Things Before Breakfast for a snowflake that is special; hasn't even been posted on the auction list yet. But it is definitely worth a looksee -

Here are the postings for this week - Hope you all enjoy checking out the illustrators work and continue to follow the auction boards until the auction starts. So many beautiful snowflakes to bid on and of course in my case not enough funds to do any bidding - lol -

As you know if you've been visiting any children's book blogs for the past few weeks, Robert's Snow is an online auction that benefits Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Over 200 children's book illustrators have created art on individual snowflake-shaped wooden templates. The snowflakes will be auctioned off, with proceeds going to cancer research. You can view all of the 2007 snowflakes here. Jules and Eisha from Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast have found a way for bloggers to help with this effort, by blogging about individual illustrators and their snowflakes. The idea is to drive traffic to the Robert's Snow site so that many snowflakes will be sold, and much money raised to fight cancer. The illustrator profiles have been wonderful so far - diverse and creative and colorful. And there are lots more to go.

Here's the schedule for Week 3, which starts Monday. As previously, this early schedule links to the participating blogs, instead of to the individual posts. You can find links to the posts themselves, and any last-minute updates, each morning at 7-Imp. Jules and Eisha have also set up a special page at 7-Imp containing a comprehensive list of links to the profiles posted so far. Also not to be missed is Kris Bordessa's post summarizing snowflake-related contests to date over at Paradise Found.

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Please take time out to visit all of these blogs, and read about these fabulous illustrators. And, if you're so inclined, think about bidding for a snowflake in the Robert's Snow auction. Each snowflake makes a unique gift (for yourself or for someone else), and supports an important cause.

See also the following note from Elaine Magliaro of Wild Rose Reader:

Note to Blog Readers about Blogging for a Cure: When Jules of 7-Imp put out her call in September for bloggers to interview/feature artists who had created snowflakes for Robert’s Snow 2007 at their blogs, a number of artists had not yet sent in their snowflakes to Dana-Farber. As time was of the essence to get Blogging for a Cure underway, we worked with the list of artists whose snowflakes were already in possession of Dana-Farber. Therefore, not all the participating artists will be featured. This in no way diminishes our appreciation for their contributions to this worthy cause. We hope everyone will understand that once the list of artists was emailed to bloggers and it was determined which bloggers would feature which artists at their blogs, a schedule was organized and sent out so we could get to work on Blogging for a Cure ASAP. Our aim is to raise people’s awareness about Robert’s Snow and to promote the three auctions. We hope our efforts will help to make Robert’s Snow 2007 a resounding success.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Robert's Snow - week 2

As you all know - we bloggers are hosting the illustrator's snowflakes (over 200 snowflakes to be auctioned off to help raise money for the cure, with about 70 to 100 featured on different blogs throughout the preview period - last week through the time the auctions start). Here is the week's schedule complete with the full listings of all the blogs on my sidebar. I will post the weekly reminders so you all can check out the snowflakes as they come to us. I would so love to be able to bid on some of these but at this moment cannot afford it. I saw two in week #3 that have butterflies on them but the bidding starts at $150 for any snowflake on week 3 that I can't even think of starting the bid. Check out the link on the side bar to go to the auction site and see all the snowflakes. Also, check out all the bloggers' sites that are featuring some of the illustrators who have done these snowflakes up for interviews, contests, et cetera - some bloggers are running contests in conjunction with their illustrator interviews or posted information and others are featuring the illustrator's other work. So check out the websites, check out the snowflakes and get ready for the auction coming in November - have fun - see you all in the postings - E :)

Here's the schedule for Week 2, which starts Monday. Because the posts aren't up yet, this list links to the participating blogs, instead of to the individual posts. You can find links to the posts themselves, and any last-minute updates, each morning at 7-Imp. Jules and Eisha have also set up a special page at 7-Imp containing a comprehensive list of links to the profiles posted so far. Also not to be missed is Kris Bordessa's post summarizing snowflake-related contests to date over at Paradise Found.

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Please take time out to visit all of these blogs, and read about these fabulous illustrators. And, if you're so inclined, think about bidding for a snowflake in the Robert's Snow auction. Each snowflake makes a unique gift (for yourself or for someone else), and supports an important cause.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

SCWW Anthology available -

I forgot to say that the anthology for the South Carolina Writer's Workshop (the writing group for our state with local chapters of which I am member) is available. Go to http://www.amazon.com/Petigru-Review-Kevin-Caruso-Editors/dp/1419676229/ref=sr_1_1/102-8007193-8466562?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1192069519&sr=8-1 - to order your copy today. My story - Bride-and-Seek was accepted and I actually earned a little bit of money from that. I also get three copies at the conference next weekend - two for having a story placed and one for attending the conference which will be at Myrtle Beach and I'm looking forward to a break, although it will be a busy weekend since I'm one of the volunteers and I'll be doing everything I can to help out. So I guess that makes me a professional writer. Can't wait to get my copies at the conference next weekend. (still praying for some miracles to happen so I can get down to the beach. Had to have to back out and I think today is the deadline for backing out anyway - funds are very tight and I need to pay for hotel and gas and food - so fingers crossed that some miracle happens in the next few days).

I'm not sure how to get autographs to anyone who wants one - hahaha - like I'm that famous that I'd be autographing my stories - lol - but if you email we can work things out in that department. -- see you all in the postings - E :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Robert's Snow - snowflakes for auction to help find a cure - day 2

Okay here it is day #2 of the showing of the illustrators and their snowflakes that will be auctioned in November with all proceeds going to find a cure for Sarcome (Robert passed away from Ewing's sarcoma earlier this year and his wife, Grace Lin, author and illustrator had written a children's story called "Robert's Snow". Check it out on the page listed below and also check out the other blog sites for today featuring a few more illustrators and their snowflakes. Bloggers will be posting interviews or featuring the snowflakes until auction time so be on the lookout for more snowflakes to come in the upcoming days and weeks. See complete schedule on the sidebar for who is featured and where - but here is today's list - see you all in the postings - E :)

Robert's Snow is an online auction that benefits Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Over 200 children's book illustrators have created art on individual snowflake-shaped wooden templates.

Please stop by and view all the 2007 snowflakes here.

Tuesday, October 16

Sunday, October 14, 2007

And my number one child

Hailie wanted to see what her oldest brother would turn up. The last one on his was Dave Navarro and I've seen him in something but can't for the life of me remember in what. Hailie says she sees the Mitnick person as being a look alike (go figure, he's a computer hacker who has a criminal record - yikes). Anyway - have fun - see you all in the postings - E :)


And Benjamin's

The last one for him is Samuel L. Jackson. I definitely cannot see some of his celebrities as being matches, but Hailie says she can see Tom Welling from Smallville as being a match for Benjamin. I'm only having fun. See you all in the postings - E :)


Hailie's celebrity look alikes

Okay I showed Hailie my blog and decided to do her picture - the last one she is like is Roseanne Barr but the collage will only fit 9 of the 10 - I can see a bit of John Denver in her - a bit but not much - the others I don't see that much match for her.

Anyway - here are her matches - E :)


Two band competitions in one day

Yesterday we had two band competitions. I didn't make it to the first one (due to funds being a bit low and all). So I went to the second one and while we were geting awards from the second competition, our band director was on the phone with someone who had stayed at the first competition to receive the awards from there. At the second competition, our band took best drum line, best horn line, overall best soloist of the day (trumpet solo in our production), and 1st place in class 4A (only two bands competed so it was going to be either first or second place).

After we got to the field we found out that it was a very close score for us and the gold champion (class 4A and 5A bands that competed - which were only four of them) but we were like 0.06 points behind them so we got second overall for the day at the second competition. We also found out that we took nothing at the first competition - no drum line, no horn line, no drum major, and no colorguard or front, but took 1st place in class (I think they competed in 4A again but will double check and post correction when the results are posted either tomorrow or Tuesday). Will also post some pictures from both when I get them - see you all in the postings

My celebrity matches (something fun)

This was found on Danette's blog - because she was discussing who should play Herman Munster and well the matches for that were some weird ones. So I thought I would post my picture in the link and see what I came up with - not very promising to look like some of these folks. Peter O'Toole was the last one but since the collage wouldn't fit but 9 and I apparently had 10 - here goes -


Robert's Snow - Snowflakes for auction - week one

Support a good cause and check out the following featured artists snowflakes

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Please take time out to visit all of these blogs, and read about these fabulous illustrators. And, if you're so inclined, think about bidding for a snowflake in the Robert's Snow auction. Each snowflake makes a unique gift (for yourself or for someone else), and supports an important cause.

UPDATE: Blogging starts on October 15, and already today (just past 1 p.m. Eastern time), there have been 169 postings on the snowflakes. Don't forget to stop by and check out the bloggers who are featuring the illustrators every day. Also check out Robert's Snow link above to check out all the snowflakes in the auction area. They really are beautiful; too bad I can't afford any because I love snowflakes but maybe another day. I've checked out the snowflakes and a couple of the bloggers who have posted their interviews, information or the snowflakes themselves and they are very cool, very intricate for small wooden snowflake shapes. Some are 3D and some have that look of 3D but all are gorgeous and are for a good cause. So help find a cure and support the Snowflakes For Cure auction.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Competition results and pics

Not going to do a video or slide show since there are only a couple of pics that I would put up right now. Seems our photographer didn't take as many pics as the two previous competitiosn but that's okay - I'll be getting a CD of the competition at the next meeting which is the 1st of November.

We had one accident when we were closing up everything and getting the stadium closed down. One of our band parents who was working with the funnel cake stand knocked the grease over and burned her hand and both feet. The last I heard today was that she was doing much better; they had taken her to the hospital Saturday night and transferred her to the burn center in Augusta today and told her that she has to come back tomororw and if she blisters up they may have to do skin grafts but if she doesn't then she should be okay. They removed several blistered areas from her hand the other day but they need to keep an eye on her for a few days. According to the kids when I picked them up this afternoon, she is doing very well. She was probably in pain but still showing her usual disposition of happy to be there and all. She admitted it was her fault - she was turning off the burner and just bumped the grease - but thankfully she didn't get it worse - all over.

So now on to the results. I looked up the recap and saw the scores for the bands that performed. The one that took Gold Championship (which was the 3A and 4A bands) scored a total of 92. Our score was not on there (even though we were not competing we asked that we be scored so we would know what to work on for this week before the double competition day) but the kids informed me that our band scored a 91.925 (talk about close scores). The director told them that the school that won with that 92 their music was good but their show wasn't that good at all. So he was rather surprised they took the championship. So goes subjectiveness on the judges' part. Anyway, the next band down scored an 89.150. The scores don't seem very high and especially looking at the 1A and 2A scores, but the SCBDA changed the scoring system this year and so this we are having to work much harder to get decent scores.

Here are a few pictures from the events on Saturday. The first one is of the lady who got burned. She is in the middle.

Next we have Benjamin and the rest of the pit doing their thing.

And this last one is so you can see where I was stationed for the water tent which is behind the stadium and down - you can't really see where I am but you get the idea. I was in the land of the lost - lol -

When you look towards the seating to the left where the light is where I was - below that fence line and there is a good drop off behind those seats - but basically that is where I had been all day long - the competitions started at 3 pm and I left there right before the awards ceremony was supposed to start at 10 pm - Next year I am definitely going to suggest they put the water tent elsewhere and at least give us an opportunity to see the bands compete if only from the backside - lol -

There you have the scores and a couple of pics - enjoy - E :)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Video from end of September competition

The video above is of the band practicing and doing their show from September 29. This is the competition that the bus driver hit the deer coming back from. I know I'm a little late posting on this but I have to go through over 200 photos that are sent to me and decide which ones to put in the video. I have fun making the videos and like to play around with them, so they are little time consuming. Anyway - hope you enjoy.

(I did try to put more than my own kids in the pictures but you know I am a proud mamam and have to get my kids there.) Enjoy - see you all in the postings - E :)

Hosted Band Competition (first one)

Wow - I was so worn out yesterday I forgot to post about the competition that we hosted at the school.

Here is the thing, being a host school for a competition, all the adults are volunteers and I was on the water station (handing the kids water from the other bands as they came off from their performance). I had a great time and saw some pretty interesting costumes and lots of beautiful colors. But I didn't get to see the bands perform and didn't get to see our group do their performance because of where we were.

Our stadium is built with a walking track on the outside of the field inside the stadium area and then a drive area that basically runs from the bus parking lot to the bus maintenance lot and out to the streets. So anyone could walk or drive or be on that track without being seen and distracting the events on the field. I didn't mind being on water but when it got dark, it was lonely back there with only one light and not in a very helpful position for our water station.

But the kids were very appreciative of us having the water station regardless of where we were. They were really good from all the other bands. One band came through and were all dolled up like Chinese women and found out that their program is called Journey to China and they are one of 10 American bands going to China next summer for the Summer Olympics. They also won several awards in their class. Now how cool is that - to be selected to participate in the Summer Olympics in China? I wish them well.

As soon as the results are posted on the band link directory, I will post how our band actually scored. Even though we were the exhibition band, we asked to be scored like we were competing so we knew what to work on for this week since we have two competitions in one day.

Anyway, must get some work done - will post later - E :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Awesome authors contest - I won, I won, I won

If you scroll down Sheri's link http://www.spiderstale.blogspot.com/ and see the Mine! Mine! Mine! packet I won. I can't wait to get it.

It was pretty cool to come home this evening and see a Congratulations, you won email in my inbox. Thanks Sheri for running your Awesome Authors contest and hope everyone that won is as happy as I am - E :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

First Band Competition

Saturday was the first band competition of the season and we did very good. I used Hailie's digital camera to video record the program but I don't know how to edit it. It is lengthy - over 15 minutes because I got them coming on to the field and the whole show.

We were all shocked at the end about who took grand champion in the gold division (the group we were in - 3As and 4As are in the gold and 1As and 2As are in the silver). From what we heard after the competition, the scores were not very high at all (SCBDA has changed the scoring system and therefore making it harder for the bands to score superior. All the 3A and 4A bands scored excellent.) BHP's score was an 83.5; the overall gold champion only scored an 84. We did take best horn line, best drum line and 1st place in the 3A division.

So way to go BHP band.

On the way home, one of the buses (the first bus) hit a deer. Some of the guys actually went back and picked up the deer - guess they are hunters and took it home to clean it and use the meat. The deer wasn't that big really so may not make good meat. So the three trophies from the competition and a deer came back to the school - lol.

Here is a pic of Benjamin and our solo piccolo player (she's my adopted second daughter; such a sweetheart - always comes up to give me a hug when she can and just likes me lol - she's a good kid) and the deer.

The other one is the 1st place trophy with the person who substitutes for the drum major if she isn't there. These were taken by Hailie after I had done the video. The video won't load but will play around with it and maybe make it shorter - two pieces and see if I can get them to load. enjoy - E :)