Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Just Catching Up

Since my last posting a month ago, a good bit has transpired in my life and with my writing (okay not so much in the latter). I was terminated from my job of over 7 years, for some unknown reason but they didn't contest my unemployment so I should start receiving unemployment soon (fingers crossed I see a check this weekend). I've been applying for all kinds of jobs including with the state, but with the Federal shutdown, not sure how much that will affect state positions and put a hold on hiring on jobs that have been opened for a while. I have also found some positions available through the South Carolina Work Force site which I have been applying for. Tomorrow I take my skills assessment testing to hopefully get into the program for Medical Billing and Coding (that's not what they are calling it now but same idea) that will hopefully put me on a better road to getting a job. I'll keep filing and searching until I either find another job or my unemployment runs out, which, from all best guesses, is basically 4 months from now. Sadness hit the writing world as the Great Tom Clancy passed away. My baby's b-day was last week and I didn't have any funds to get him a card or anything and to top that off, my printer decided to stop working, so I can't even print anything that I need to print right now. Not sure what's up with that. On the writing front, I have decided to stop editing my friend's manuscript and have decided to get back to writing the second story in Kelly's series. I'm not very far in but I feel I can write it rather quickly once I get back to it. I have now pushed my self-imposed deadline to have it written by the end of this month. I need to knock out about 50,000 words in 27 days (considering that the 3rd is busy full with class time with the 6th graders, testing, Sisters in Crime meeting), but hopefully I can bust out some serious writing Friday. I hope I can write the story that Anita and I brainstormed, although I feel like it's not really my story right now. Guess that is the hazard of outlining or plotting a story from beginning to end when one hasn't ever done that before. I think that catches you all up on what's going on in my life. How about you? What's happening on your end? Anything good you'd like to tell us about? --- See you all in the postings - E :)

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Texting, Audiobooks and Writers

What do texting and audiobooks have to do with writers? I learned over the past week that texting and writers don't mix. I've also learned that if I am sitting up listening to an audiobook, I tend to stay awake but if I recline and turn the book on and just let it sit on my nightstand that I tend to fall asleep. Texting in general is a terrible form of communication for anyone. With all the abbreviations and "text speak" out there, it is very difficult to keep track of what you are saying. This writer doesn't abbreviate when texting and even so, she tends to misspell words that there is no reason to misspell. I was texting a friend the other day who was about to leave for a month-long trip to Serbia and was telling about my free download for kindle of Finally Home and also that I had some "short" stories available for 99 cents. Well, I meant short stories, but what came out was "slopt" and how that came about was a simple error of hitting the incorrect number key associated with the letters. I thought I was keying in the 4 for the H and the rest of the numbers were okay but when I hit the 5 instead of the 4, it put in the word "slopt", not that I believe that is a word. But it was funny when she texted me back saying she loved "slopt" stories. As a writer, we are told to use our words and when we get sidetracked with text messaging and other short forms of communicating like this, we tend to get sloppy and everything comes out incorrectly. My advice to writers who insist on texting (my preferred form of communication is email or actually talking on the phone) don't abbreviate your words. Use your words and use them correctly. As far as audiobooks, I suggest trying them - listen in the car when traveling and if too much of a distraction, then it's not for you; try them when getting ready for bed or just listen to them when you are working out. They are a great form of getting your reading time in every day. I have listened to 2 full books (although I do believe I fell asleep during one of them and may have missed some of the book or perhaps if I did, I went back and relistened to what I had missed) and have 3 more in my library to listen to. I am in the process of listening to The Story of Dr. Doolittle and know I fell asleep the other night. No worries, since I know I can rewind to a place I remember actually hearing. I wonder if reading a different book than you are listening to counts as reading several books at a time? My guess is yes since you are getting the reading in by either actually seeing the words on the page or hearing them as read by someone else. I used to think I wouldn't be one of these people who could read several books at a time but I guess I just proved myself wrong as I am currently visually reading a book and listening to a book. If you are looking for a way to lull yourself to sleep, I suggest opening an audiobook and unless its an intense thriller or suspense novel, that should work in putting to you sleep. No wonder babies fall asleep when mothers read to them. It's that soothing sound of the voice that lulls them into slumber. See you all in the postings - E :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

How do you get your book ideas? - Books & Such Literary Agency : Books & Such Literary Agency

How do you get your book ideas? - Books & Such Literary Agency : Books & Such Literary Agency

This is more interesting after reading the comments by others.  I was asked this question by one of the 6th graders a couple of weeks ago when I was doing an introduction time to the kids so that they would know who I am.  They had a brief introduction to me last year but we found it was too much for me to spend my days in all three classes (4th, 5th and 6th) and that it would be best to just focus on the 6th graders knowing I would get the 5th graders this year and they would be more likely to do writing related events that they could work with me one-on-one.  Let us know where your ideas come from - E :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Quick Audible/ACX Update

As most of you know, Finally Home went up as an audio book the end of June.  The first week it went up, 5 copies were downloaded (Yay!!!).  This evening I went to do laundry and having not checked my mail all week, I went to the post office first.  Upon opening there was a large, oversized but thin envelope from and I was thinking it was more paperwork that I might not have filled out, but no my first royalty check from audible for 5 downloads of Finally Home and 1 download of State of Successes.  Royalties are paid monthly as long as you have earned at least $10.  Since the first of July, I have had 2 more downloads of Finally Home and 2 of State of Successes, one of which I believe occurred today or yesterday as I haven't checked my ACX dashboard in a couple of days and the last time I looked there were only 3 total for State of Successes. 

For those of you who have downloaded the audio books, I thank you very much.  I hope you all enjoy listening to Sienna narrate the story.  Just a reminder too that there will be a second in Kelly Watson mysteries.  I'm workig on The Ties of Time and hope it meets your expectations.  E :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Proposal Free Days/Research Field trip

It's free download days again; this time, my short story "The Proposal" is available.  It will be free through Thursday midnight PST.  I'd forgotten to post this yesterday but I have a reason.

Yesterday, my friend Anita and I took a field trip to Iva (the town setting for my Kelly Watson stories) and explored.  We parked on the square and kind of walked around checking out the store fronts or buildings there and turned the corner to find the Iva Museum.  It was closed as they are only open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  The person who operates the museum was there checking on the air conditioner as he had been on vacation last week and he wanted to make sure that the folks had returned it to its normal settings.  He was coming out of the museum as we were kind of looking in the windows, stating we needed to make another trip when the museum was opened.  Anita asked him about the museum and we explained what I was doing, so he was kind enough to let us in and showed us around and allowed us to take some pictures of some of  their pictures.  We gained a lot of information from that short visit.  Thank you, Mr. David Newby, for spending some time with us and giving us some background history of the town.  He also told us about the "Antique Body Shop" just around the corner, so we naturally had to stop in there.  No, it's not an antique car shop but a senior citizens gym.  We spoke with two folks there and Anita bought herself a T-shirt. 

From there, we made our way to the town hall which houses the police department, municipal court and the place to pay water bills (I've forgotten what it was called).  We talked to the one lady who was standing behind the police department window, who happened to be the victim's advocate.  We asked for some information and she told us that the guy across from them would be able to help us but he had just stepped out of the office, but would return shortly (I missed when he did return or we would have engaged in a conversation with him).  The Chief of Police had to deal with a situation but when he finished with that business, he was very nice to sit with us and give us all kinds of other information.  He even printed out a map and marked places we wanted to explore for us.  That map may show up in the front of The Tie of Time (A Kelly Watson paranormal mystery).

When we left town hall, it was lunch time so we stopped by the cafe we had originally parked in front of and had lunch - buffet style - fried chicken, sweet potato casserole, green beans, beets (which I didn't get any of but I do love beets if they are fixed right), rice and white gravy, some greens (I think they were collard greens), country fired steak, and desserts and a few other veggies.  The buffet table isn't very large so they can only  put up a few items each day.  The waitress was very friendly.

After leaving the cafe, we drove around looking for the different items marked on the map for us including the supposed ghost house (which we didn't really find  but no worries) and the oldest house in Iva which was old but didn't really give me the impression of being the oldest house around, the old drug store (vital to The Ties of Time as this is where the whole mystery will occur), the nursing home, the old high school which is now the Civic Center and houses an indoor basketball court and is used for all kinds of activities.  There is also a very nice park in front of the Civic Center and the only remaining building of the old school which was the cafeteria. 

We got a tour of the nursing home and were invited back during the activities time to observe what one of the worker's daughter does to help out (bless her little heart, she is only 6 years old and was trying her best to do the craft of the day, which was building little bird houses or bird feeders).  Thank you to Diane, Melissa and Tina for helping us give a reason for Kelly and Emma to be in the nursing home.

From the center of town, it is about 1 mile to the outskirts in any direction, so it is not a very large area, so I'm having to change what I started out with for the girls to get around since State Law says that no one can operate a moped or golf cart without a driver's license.  So now my girls will be riding bicycles around town.  I just need to make sure they have somewhere to put their picnic basket and other stuff.  Do they still make front handlebar baskets for bicycles? 

Overall, I think we had a very productive and interesting day of discovery.  We will probably make several more trips to Iva over the ensuing months.  Everyone we spoke to seemed genuinely excited about the fact that I was an author and had set my story in their small town.  I look forward to visiting the town of Iva again and hopefully meeting more people.  I also am excited to really get to writing The Ties of Times and hopefully can get it done fairly quickly.  I will post pictures later as it is now time to get to work as there is a team conference call this afternoon and one of my co-workers is out this week.  See you all in the postings - E :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bride-and-Seek Free Days

The Bride-and-Seek free days are here.  For the next three days, you can pick  up your copy of my romantic ghost story based on a legend in England for free.  Hope you all enjoy it.  E :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Ties of Time

The Ties of Time A Kelly Watson Mystery  is the newest title in my Kelly Watson series. 

I had a story starter prompt, kind of, had written 6 pages up to basically where the "bookstore" was no longer but got stuck as I didn't really have any direction of where the story was going, what the mystery actually was or even why the bookstore (which after brainstorming with my really good friend, Anita, last night is no longer really a bookstore) was there one minute and not the next. 

Lana has been urging me to get to writing on this story, not for the story itself but to get back into writing.  Yesterday before leaving for the monthly Sisters in Crime meeting, Lana and I were chatting.  She had given me a little insight Wednesday night of what the girls found at the site that was a store but is no longer.  A piece of wood.  So yesterday during our chat, she asked me "What do the girls find under the wood?"  and listed a half dozen or more possibilities, then stating the possibilities were endless.  I wrote down the suggestions she made on the printed pages of the story to take to the SinC meeting for Anita's reading.  I'm glad I did because after the meeting we did some serious brainstorming and came up with The Ties of Time.  I now know exactly what the mystery is, who is involved and where the mystery ends up.

I can tell you this about the story:  It is actually a murder mystery (which came about secondarily); it involves ghosts, twisted relationships, skeletons in the closet, and even a bit of time travel for Kelly or really more use of her "witchy powers".  Solving the murder actually led to two other murders in the past which turn out to be books 3 and 4 in the series.  There are 11 characters involved in this story of which several will show up in the next two books, thus the premise of books 3 and 4 are in motion already with book 3 a better inkling of the "ties" of time and other things.  All I can tell you about book 4 is they are going to solve the last related murder to the other two but they need to solve the first two before getting to third one.  After book 4 is finished, I think I will consider the series complete as I didn't start out writing murder mysteries and after the third murder is solved, there shouldn't be any more skeletons in the closet that need telling.  If there are any more Kelly mysteries after book 4, then it is likely they will be basic mysteries and not involve murders as I really don't have any more characters that have been murdered and in a town as small as Iva, SC, is there aren't enough people around to have them getting killed off.  Besides, we don't really want Kelly involved in too many murders before she reaches the age of 16 anyways. 

The Ties of Time is actually going to tie three mysteries together over the course of time but there are other reasons for the title, which I can't reveal at this moment, but trust me the ties are there.  I look forward to really getting the story written now with publication to follow within a few months.  I've set a deadline of having the story written by the end of August (that is basically a 6-week timeframe), with editing and revising probably for the middle of October as I will probably start on book 3, the second murder, in the series before jumping into the edits immediately, and then we will go from there.

More when I can  - see you all in the postings - E :)

Friday, July 05, 2013

Upcoming Free Download Days All Books

Since I've moved all my books off Smashwords and Nook and I haven't done any free days in a while, it's time to do some more free download days.  I tried to space everything out so that nothing is really running the same day but there ended up being two back-to-back (see below), which may or may not work to my advantage - lol.

Here is the lineup:

"Bride-and-Seek" - July 18-20 (3 days); September 24-25 (2 days)
"The Proposal" - July 23-25 (3 days), September 27-28 (2 days)
"The Tulip Kiss" - August 13-17 (5 days)
Finally Home - August 29-September 2 (5 days - this will run the Thursday before Labor Day through Labor Day)

Remember the free promotional days run midnight PST through midnight PST (3 AM to 3 AM EST).  If you are eastern time and look for the books at midnight the day it starts,  you won't see them listed as free. 

Also posted on the JGDS blog that "Train of Clues" would go free next week and then again in August.  The schedule will be July 11-12 and August 27-29 (which will overlap one day with Finally Home, but it will be okay since they are not related and shouldn't have any bearing on the other).  Check out my posting and let me know if you have any thoughts on gaining sponsors for the state series.  Thanks all - see you in the postings - Mrs. E :)

Thursday, July 04, 2013

One Week ACX Report

Finally Home has been live for 1 week now and there have been 4 downloads not including my own from using my credits.  Remember this is available on as well as and itunes.  Hope those of you who have downloaded the audio book have enjoyed hearing Sienna reading.  Drop me a line if you have gotten an audio copy and let me know what you think. 

Just to let you know that when there is a second book, hopefully Sienna will be available to do the reading again.  Right now, I'm leaning towards The Mysterious Bookshoppe: A Kelly Watson Mystery and go from there.  This, of course, is a work in progress and may end up changing as I  progress, but I do know that the bookstore holds many mysteries, not of the book type though, perhaps of the ghostly type or some otherly world type.  See you all in the postings - E :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finally Home is Available on

A week earlier than expected, but Finally Home is now available on  The email stated that it would go up on itunes and in the next few days. 

If you are a new member to and make Finally Home one of your first three purchases, I get a little bonus.  If you are not new to and have the credits and/or would like to purchase your copy of Finally Home, it is retailing for $13.96 or 1 credit. 

It looks like I will have to use my credits to get my own books, which is fine, as I will then have them in my library and can play the sample file which is clearer than the download I did from the ACX site.  Please pass the word that my books are starting to go out as audio books. 

As stated last week, I have started a second Kelly Watson mystery, tentatively calling it The Mysterious Bookshop,  so hopefully by the spring of next year it will be available in all formats - ebook will probably be the first format and then print and audiobook.  When I have a title and cover, I'll share with you all; of course, I have to write the story before I can really think of having a cover made up.  See you all in the postings - E :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

July 1-3

Save the date as it seems this will be the "go live" week for both Finally Home and State of Successess, after being told originally 10-20 days, which would have been today had that been true.  Now I've been told 14-20 business days and that they should go live the first week of July.  Hopefully, this means before the 4th of July that both books will be available in audio format.  This reminds me of the old Heinz Ketchup jingle way back in the day - Anticipation, It's making me wait.  I'm anxiously awaiting the books going live just like the people pouring the ketchup were anticipating it falling on the burger.  I don't like waiting like this and I don't know what all they have to do to "validate" or as was stated in the second correspondence "complete ingestion."  Funny term but I guess I have to keep waiting.  See you all in the postings - E :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Kelly Adventure

Monday evening I was chatting with one of my editors, who is busy working on finishing several drafts of projects she has started before she delivers her third child in August, and she was nudging, okay more like nagging me, to write.  I tried the nudging part with her before to get her inspired to complete some projects but she tended to shut down and disappear for a while and not write much.  I guess I'm kind of the same way.  I went to the store Wednesday evening because I had the munchies and ran into a lady whom I met at the laundromat a few months ago and had given her daughter, age 10, a copy of Finally Home and we got to talking and I was told that her daughter really enjoyed it and kept telling her mom that she couldn't put it down until she had finished reading it.  So, that inspired me some and got me thinking more on the new story since I had a base for it from chatting with Lana.

So, since the state books are on hold for now and I tried putting the karma out to the kids for new stories for Kelly and Emma and that didn't work too well, I know I need to write something else, either a short story or another Kelly story.  I was looking over some story lines from previous winners of kids stories (the kids actually wrote the stories) on and some other information about writing mysteries that I had printed off. 

One of the pages I had printed off was a "Mystery Story Starter Ideas: DIY Guide for Children and Adults" by Marilisa Sachteleben.  One of the prompts is titled "The Book Seller's Enigma" and the prompt reads as:  "I hadn't remembered seeing the musty old book shop on that street before, but the old peddler bechoned me.  When I returned the next day with my brother, shop and shopkeeper had gone.  We asked an old-timer passing by.  "That shop?" he declared, "why it ain't been around for 50 years."  (Doesn't that just beckon you to write a story about the store, the shopkeeper or the something else mysterious about the contents of the bookstore?)

When I shared that prompt with Lana, before I actually could get the whole prompt typed into the chat window, she said I could write about a mysterious book from the bookstore.  I mulled it over a day or so, and have now come up with a second adventure for Kelly.  I don't know what I will call it yet, but I've written 2 pages so far and I feel I need to write a couple of pages before I even get to Kelly and Emma's conversation about the bookstore.  I feel I almost have to have an istant message between Kelly and Judy, Kelly's long-time, bestest friend who is blind and from whom Kelly had to move when they moved to the small town where she found the house that actually belonged to her father.  I will play around with it a bit and see what is working and hopefully I will have a new story soon.  When I get a bit further in to the story, I may start sharing some excerpts from the story and may even run a contest for the title of the story.  I will keep you all posted as I progress.  See you all in the postings - E :)

AFGHAN DRAWING:  Don't forget to leave a comment with a valid email to be contacted so that you can be entered in the drawing for the red, white and blue afghan drawing, which will be held around December 1 or so. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Price Reduction

I just decided to lower the price on all the print books available.  State books are now $8.50 across the board (Wilderness, Successes, Heights and Nature) as this is the price I sell them when I do in-person events.  Finally Home is now $9.99 and "Train of Clues" has been reduced to $5.99.  Hopefully sales will pick up with these price reductions across the board.

I've been thinking about this for a while now because I do generally well at in-person events with these prices and should be able to do well through Amazon with the same prices.  See you all in the postings - E :)

Show Don't Tell

I recently finished a book about witches but was puzzled why the author defined things like athame and Book of Shadows instead of describing them.  The one thing I did take away from reading the book is that I need to do some research and bring out Kelly's powers more in future stories.  I need to know how to do certain things, like how to do Tarot readings and help her use her newfound witch powers for good.

I also decided that instead of saying "show don't tell" for stories, the new saying is "Describe don't Define."  As a children's author, we are told to not talk down to the readers and I felt like I was being talked down to by this author when she defined things instead of describing them.  I felt like she assumed we were stupid and not knowing of the things associated with witches and that is why she had to define them for us.  I think as a reader, I'm typically going to read things that interest me and that I do know something about or that I may be writing about.

I don't read sci-fi because it doesn't interest me; I'm not big on a romance but if there is romance in the story, I'm not turned off by it; I enjoy things like Suspense, Thrillers, Mysteries, some paranormal and children's genres.  I'm not into werewolves or vampires but enjoy good ghost stories and some witch stories.  If the witch story isn't evil and has an element of what true witches are, I'm okay with it. 

As far as showing goes, you want the reader to picture in their mind exactly what you are describing and how you see the object.  Witches' athames are different as are their familiars and Book of Shadows.  Some witches have psychic powers and some have the ability to read Tarot cards with accuracy.  Research what it is you want to use in your stories and describe for your readers but don't talk down to them. 

Think of a story you've read recently and if the author has described or defined things throughout.  Did you feel talked down to or that you were not knowing of the items in the story?  Did the author do a good job of making you see the objects in your mind?  Do you read a particular author more than others because they use a lot of description in their writings?  Leave a comment with your thoughts on the subject of "Describe don't Define."  -  See you all in the postings - E :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Writers On The Move: ACX Update and a n Tutorial

My latest posting on the ACX process.  Stop by, leave a comment and be entered for 2 chances for the crocheted afghan drawing.  Comments on this blog and the JGDS blog on all postings between now and the end of June will also receive 2 chances in the drawing.  Please remember to leave me an email address so that I can contact you to get more information such as mailing info to send your tickets to as well as if you are the winner the afghan to.  Drawing will be around the 1st of December after all events for the year are completed.  Comments on the WOTM for today's posting only will be entered in the drawing. 

Writers On The Move: ACX Update and a n Tutorial: The last known activity on both books - State of Successes and Finally Home - was that the books were submitted as finalized by me on June ...

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Finally Home Audio

I've approved everything, gotten the cover for the audio books and now it is in the hands of ACX to finalize everything.  Here is what the audio cover looks like:

I'm trying to figure out how to add the sample audio file so that I can start promoting the audio version, but have yet to figure that out.  As soon as I do, the audio file will be on the sidebar of my blog.  Once you hear the sample file, how about dropping by Sienna Beckman's website and leaving her a note on what a great job she has done.

Audio books are available through, and itunes.  So hopefully within the next day or two this will go live.  See you all in the postings - E :)

Friday, May 31, 2013

End-of-School Year Freebie

So here it is the end of the month and summer is upon us, although everyone is saying the beginning of Summer was last weekend.  If you haven't picked up your copy of Finally Home for you Kindle yet and would like a copy, this weekend (today, tomorrow and Sunday) you can download a copy for free.  If you like Nancy Drew mysteries and would like to try a new story on the lines of a Nancy Drew mystery or know a middle grade/young adult reader who is into mysteries and Nancy Drew, please direct them here for their free copy.  Hope you all will get your copy and enjoy the read.

The audio book should be up on amazon, audible,com and through itunes within a week or so.  See you all in the postings - E :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Carpe Diem (again)

The other night I was watching the Disney Channel (yeah, I know why are you watching the Disney  Channel?), and was inspired by a Phineas and Ferb video take.  It was about carpe diem.  I wish I could remember the words because it was very inspiring but then again that was a late night moment that has passed.

I did take the opportunity to contact National Geographic today and have been referred to several persons but I'm not sure I'm getting to the right person.  Time will tell.  So Phineas and Ferb, thanks for reminding me to "seize the day" again.  I needed it.  I can only move upward now that the ball is rolling.  See  you all in the postings -  E :)

UPDATE (05/29/2013):  So I was searching the net for the Phineas and Ferb video and found this one although I don't remember seeing  the chorus line of dancers at the beginning on the one I saw the other night or Kenny Ortega making an appearance near the end but this is pretty much the video I saw and apparently it is a couple of years old.  Hope you all enjoy it and remember to Carpe Diem -  seize the day -

Phineas & Ferb Carpe Diem Video

See you all in the postings - E :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Just Call Me Slack

It has been 3 weeks since my last post and I have no excuse for it other than to say that I have been slack all around.  I got a new computer in April and about 2-1/2 weeks later had to return it due to the fact that the scroll on the touchpad didn't work and the system was slow, albeit faster than what is in my dinosaur of a computer now, and apparently had the wrong operating system as nothing really seemed to work like it was supposed to.  I did notice there were some Windows 7 files on what was supposed to be a Windows 8 based computer.  Even wor tech support guys said the system wasn't operating properly and that I should take it back.  Now I'm back on my old laptop again and can't take it with me anywhere due to the monitor being broken at the hinges and the slightest movement causes me to lose my ability to see anything on the screen other than a bunch of lines, meaning I have to hibernate the old thing and then turn it back on to get my screen back.

So slack days should be over and I hope to get back to posting on a more regular basis.

UPDATE ON AUDIO BOOKS:  Finally Home has had the once over listen through (and yes, I was very slack when it came to going through the narrations) and I've sent some suggested changes to the narrator.  Sienna did a great job for the most part and as stated previously, if I were to pick a person to play Kelly or how I pictured Kelly, she would be the perfect fit.

State of Successes has been completed and I'm waiting on Heather to get the final cover to me to  upload that so I can finalize the production of that book.  It looks like the state books will be published audio wise before Finally Home but that's okay - all in due time.

I will probably submit the contract to Francene in June to work on State of Wilderness  next.  August will be State of Heights and September or October will be State of Nature.  I'm also looking into a sponsor for the state series to hopefully get them back on track, but more on that when I find a sponsor and the money is flowing in to pay the bills (Heather, printing, et cetera), which will p robably be posted on the JGDS blog when I have updates.

FAMILY NEWS:  Youngest son, who is now living with my parents and my oldest son, got his GED and has finally gotten a job, working in the same plant oldest son is but on opposite days (when oldest is working, youngest is off and vice versa).  The last I heard was when they get established a bit more they plan on moving out on their own.  I don't think it is a good idea due to the fact that my parents' aren't in any condition to really be left taking care of themselves; more or less, my father would have to take care of my mother (she is pretty much in an Alzheimer state) and himself (he has back problems and is having to use a walker to get around and possibly heading to wheelchair or some sort of hoveround craft to get around among many other illnesses).  I would prefer that my parents have someone around to help out but who am I to say what the boys will do in the next few months.  I guess when I go up there for the High Country Festival of the book next month (June 21 at Watagua High School in Boone, NC) I'll find out everything.  Daughter who had moved to West Virginia in November and back home in February finally got a job. She starts next Thursday for training and then goes directly to work at the store she will be working (training is in one town and store she will be working is in our county seat town).  So that is the best news for her since she has been without a job since moving back home and has been driving me nuts - constantly on the go and begging her  father and me for money all the time; I just hope she will be saving her money and not be on the go as much (working second or third shift, she won't have time to go galavanting all the time). 

School is out in Utah and I've not had any classroom visits with them in over a month and I miss them.  Taught my POV sessions and then they had state testing and worked on a project for the town and then end of year reviews and studying.  I look forward to working with the next group of students in the fall.  Just to let teachers and librarians know, I am available for school visits as per my website and I will do virtual classroom visits as well. 

Bring on the Summer and hopefully lots of good news to report and more books being published.  See you all in the postings - E :)

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Writing Tips for Young Writers

I subscribe to a homeschooling ezine called (clickschooling offers links to varioius subjects Monday through Saturday, covering Math, Science, Language Arts, Music and Arts, Foreign Languages, and on Fridays they do a Virtual Field Trip - linking to various plants that show you how things are done or a behind the scenes look at various products and projects - they even had a tour of the Peeps Factory around Easter one time) and just happened to open today's email because the title caught my eye.  It says "Tips for Young Writers" and who could resist that, especially when working with kids during writing time in school as well as sharing my writing knowledge (what little I do have - lol) during book events with young persons.  So I clicked on the link and it took me to The Blue Zoo Writers website, which is a pretty cool site.  There are tips for young writers but other information as well, like how to get published and brainstorming ideas to motivation on writing. 

If you are a homeschooler teaching students writing or even a teacher who needs some writing advice, please check out the link and see what wonderful advice you can garner to help in your teaching endeavors.  If you are a writer, there is plenty of information there for you as well.  I would also suggest signing up for the Blue Zoo Writers' newsletter which can be found on the page as well. 

Hope you all can use the information.  See you all in the postings - Mrs. E :)

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Finally Home ACX Update

I was supposed to have my final copy of the audio book of Finally Home last week but Sienna has been having some technical issues.  She assured me today it would be to me soon - within the next day or two.  Once I get the file, I will go through it to approve or make corrections and send to her.  If there are no corrections to be made, then I will approve it and release the audio version as soon as I can.  Waiting on the updated cover from Heather as well since there are some changes to be made for ACX so right now things are in limbo.

For the release of the audio book of Finally Home, I'll be offering the ebook for free on Kindle next week, April 15-16.  If you haven't already read it or purchased a copy, now is the time to get it for free.  Be sure to tell all your friends so they can get their copies.

Also, Anita and I brainstormed a bit after our Sisters in Crime meeting last week about some situations or stories for Kelly and Emma Louise and there are some things brewing, so I may have a few more stories to make them a series.  I'll add a tagline of "A Kelly Watson Mystery" to the new titles, and I guess I'll have to go back and eventually add that to Finally Home  but right now I'll leave it as is.  see you all in thep ostings - E :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ideas From a Busy Bee: Recruiting Authors/Illustrators and a Challenge!

Calling authors and illustrators - if you are interested in interviewing with students via the web and/or participating in school visits via the web, please pop over to Busy Bee's blog and fill in the information to be contacted to participate in the CARE day 2013 - hope to see you all there - E :)

Ideas From a Busy Bee: Recruiting Authors/Illustrators and a Challenge!: Last year I moved schools.  With every school there are changes and new activities.  One of my FAVORITE new things is CARE day!  CARE Day yo...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What Kind of Pi(e) Day?

Today is PI day and I totally forgot until I received the clickschooling email.  So today, eat a piece of pie in honor of PI day.  Me, it will probably be a berry cherry pie from Banquet (a small pot pie type thing) but I'm also having a "pizza pie".  Go enjoy some PI(e) today - E :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

This and That

I haven't really posted a This and That posting in a while - mostly because I haven't had many sales and I've kind of been doing other things, trying to get my writing back on track.

Imagine my surprise when I was looking at my createspace dashboard, just kind of thinking of how many of each book I needed to order and noticed on my royalty bar at the top that I had some royalties from March.  The month is still young but to see 4 books sold off amazon on the same day, something big is coming my way - lol.  This was one of each of the four state books I've published.  Of course, I wouldn't know if the other two sold or not since the second book is actually out of contract and hasn't been republished yet and the third is still under contract for a couple more months with 4RV and I don't know when books are ordered from amazon.  I guess I should check with Vivian to  see if there had been an order for Reservations from Amazon or if she is aware of any sales. 

I also hope to get some more books written in the near future.  I'm anxious to get back to writing the state books.  I've got a campaign going on IndieGoGo to try to raise money to pay Heather so that I can get the state stories going again.  I'd really like to complete the series.  If you  are interested in helping fund my campaign, you can find it here and please pass the word on to your friends.  Ten days into the campaign and no funds yet.  Don't let the number scare you since the campaign is long-term -it will be used to fund the complete series plus allow me to do a few more events in addition to print the books as needed.  I do hope that some funds will come in so that I can at least get book 2 republished and work on book 3.  Paying Heather is the biggest expense for me to get the books published.  I wish I would see thousand print runs for each of the title at a time. That would at least verify me as an author and having a useful tool for classrooms. 

Check out the Writers on the Move blog tomorrow for an followup on ACX and my experience.  For now, signing off and will see you all in the postings.  E :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Audio Books and KDP Select

I'm in the process of having Finally Home narrated as an audio book.  I contracted Sienna Beckman as my narrator; the minute I heard her sample narrations, I felt connected and hoped she would be one of the ones who auditioned and would be able to do the book justice.  Looking at her pictures, she almost looks like what I had pictured in my mind of what Kelly looks like, so I think definitely a good fit.  I'm supposed to have the final version around the 2nd of April.  I've already  received the first 15 minutes, which turned out to be about 11 minutes' worth of narration and covered the first two chapters.  I've listened and made notes following the manuscript that I sent the narrator and sent her a message with all my notations.  I don't mind if she's not exact word for word but there are some places where she changed the wording slightly and it actually changed the context of the sentence.  Sienna also has a podcast via her twitter

Once I get the full narrated copy, then it is back to listening, but I'm sure that will be a several day process as the final version is supposed to be roughly 6 hours' worth of narration, and making notes and hoping that there won't be anything major and can be fixed quickly.  The process of going from print book or ebook to audio book reminds me a lot of that old Heinz Catsup commercial - "Anticipation - it's keeping me waiting" - I know if I want it done right I have to sit on my hands and wait it out. 

In honor of going audio, I've taken Finally Home off Smashwords and Nook and placed it in the KDP Select program and have set up my first free day promotions in honor of tax day - April 15 and 16.  I've also set up the second free days, May 31 through June 2.  Hopefully this will help get the word out about the audio version of the book and that will lead to more sales. 

See you all in the postings - E :)

Friday, March 08, 2013

SinC Meeting Guest Speaker

We had our monthly Sisters in Crime meeting last night and I felt so wanted and popular when I walked in the door.  First, I had to make my usual greeting to Barbara Williams who has been spurring me on with Words With Friends games - we've been pretty good about having a new game going about once a week or so.  I also chatted with our guest speaker, Chris Roerden, who remembered me from my volunteer time at the SC Book Festival eons ago, and who said that she didn't have my email address or she would have kept in touch.  We talked about what I've done since the volunteer time.  While I was talking with Chris, Tony came in and asked if I had a minute to answer some questions.  I finally got my stuff put at my seat and was going to chat with my good friend, Faye Tollison, trying to get her to listen to the auditions for the audio book as well as some of the first 15 minutes but the sound on the tablet was very low so that didn't work.  On my way around the tables to chat with Faye, Chris introduced me to her tour manager, Pat Meller, and was talking about my state series.  At the mention of children's books, Pat immediately asked for contact information and said she would come over to my seat and get the information when I was finished chatting with Faye.  She asked me what I was doing to get the books in schools and at the moment I'm not really in the schools which is where I want to be; she also mentioned that her niece was a "literacy coach" in Northern Alabama and so she was interested in getting the information so that she could pass it on to her niece.  When we were leaving, everyone tried to get me to talk again - Tony, Phoebe, and Pat - unfortunately, I was riding with Anita and we had to pick her DIL up from the airport.  So I do apologize to those who needed my wisdom - lol - for not sticking around and chatting.

The topic of discussion was voice and some other things crept in there including some questions about POV.  It was interesting that the these two topics came up in conjunction with each other as the past week and a half, I've been teaching POV to Mr. Hughes' 6th graders.  I'm glad I didn't get to go to the SCASL conference, although I really would have loved to have been there since that is right into getting my books in the schools, but Chris's presentation was worth it.  She gave me some new writing related thoughts to share with the class.  I can't wait for Monday's class session to share a bit of what I learned last night.

If you are interested in having Chris speak to your group or hearing one of her presentations, click here to see what she has to offer and where she will be; you never know when she will be in yourr neck of the woods. 

Off topic -  Last Saturday was the spelling bee at our local county library and Tuesday when I was just looking at my createspace dashboard trying to figure out what I needed to order and when I noticed my royalty bar showing over $15 in royalties for March.  I was surprised since I haven't had very many amazon sales or other online sales since going the route of self-publishing.  I think I've had maybe 6 books total in 2+ years sold through amazon or createspace's expanded distribution and Monday, someone ordered one of each of the four state books from amazon, which was like the moset in one sitting from a not in-person sale.  So who knows - maybe this will be the year I start gaining some attention with my books.  We shall see - for now, see you in the postings - E :)

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Fairy May Review/Spotlight

Today I'm participating in Jo Linsdell's book tour of her newest children's book, Fairy May.  Here are the details for the book:

SUMMARY:  Fairy May dreams of one day becoming a tooth fairy but she struggles at school and always seems to get things wrong. With hard work and determination she prepares for her test. Will she realise her dream and become a tooth fairy?

Release Date: 1st February 2013

Product details:
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1481951424
ISBN-13: 978-1481951425
Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 0.1 inches

Purchasing links:

Video Trailer:
Fairy May trailer
Jo's Inspiration for writing this book:  This book is dedicated to my niece who, after seeing that my last book Out and About at the Zoo was dedicated to my two sons, asked if I'd write a book for her too.

It needed to have fairies in it and so I brainstormed on ideas and came up with Fairy May. I wanted her to be a little girl fairy and to show that it's OK to not be perfect. I wanted young children to be able to relate to her and to encourage them to go after their dreams.

The tooth fairy part came about because several of my 5 year old's friends have recently lost their first tooth and he has been full of questions on the subject. My 17 month old is also teething at the moment and so the topic of dental hygiene comes up a lot in our house at the moment.

My Review:  This book teaches children that if they have the desire and perseverance, they can achieve anything.  Don't give up on your hopes and dreams just because you seem to fail at first, keep on trying and work hard and you will see your dreams come true.  

In Fairy May, we follow the little fairy who dreams of becoming a tooth fairy through her hard work and practice to becoming the best tooth fairy she can be.  Fairy May is a bit discouraged because she feels the teacher of the class doesn't like her but she perseveres and eventually that pays off.   The illustrations are colorful and just right for following our fairy around.  We see the teacher; we see Fairy May's disappointments and mess ups; and we eventually see Fairy May's achievements.

If you are looking for a book on perseverance and hard work to help  your children achieve their dreams, I would recommend Fairy May as a book to get started.   

About the Author: Jo Linsdell is a best selling author and illustrator, award winning blogger and freelance writer. Originally from the UK, she now lives in Rome, Italy with her husband and their two young sons.

Jo is busy with several projects at the moment. "The Bedtime Book" which is another rhyming children's picture book. "The Writers and Authors Guide to Social Media" and "Virtual Book Tours" which are two non-fiction books.

Where to find Jo Linsdell on the web:
Google +

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Geofest February Style

I forgot to post that I was heading to Columbia for Geofest, having missed the last 3 sessions due to lack of funds and no new books out.  Anyway, I had a successful day today - sold 3 books and 19 bookworms so that is the plus side of going down to Columbia today.  Apparently, I am the only book vendor attending this event now as there aren't even any book distributors left to be vendors anymore.  The downside was the weather.  When I left the house this morning, it was raining, not hard but just enough to run the intermittent wiper speed until I got out of town.  I hit the highway and the rain was steady but not heavy again.  I got right outisde of Columbia and had a little heavier rain and then it stopped right as I pulled on Huger Street going to the college part where the event is held.  I got the van unloaded and I think it started raining again but I was inside and didn't pay it much attention.  The folks with the maps said they came from Clemson/Seneca area and it was snowing when they left their area.  I heard someone who came from the Spartanburg area also say it was snowing.  Now, Seneca and Spartanburg are on opposite sides of the arch of the upstate.  The lady with the maps said they had heavy rain by time they got to Laurens, which I have to go through to get to the highway.  I didn't see any snow this morning.  Boy, did I see snow this afternoon.

I managed to get the van loaded and stopped to pick up something to bring back for dinner, although supper didn't make it to the house because it was smelling so yummy that I just had to dig in.  I wasn't really that hungry until I smelled the wings, and no worries about eating wings while driving - I ordered boneless wings and was 2-finger eating.  They were so good.  It did start raining about  the time I was pulling out of town, so I didn't really start eating the wings until I was on the highway and was able to have a clear path.  Then the rain/snow started and then it stopped, then some rain, then some snow/rain, a little bit of sleet, and then more slushy rain/snow.  By time I got about halfway home on the highway, most of the major wet weather had stopped for the most part.  There were no incidents on the highway (thank goodness) and the traffic wasn't too bad, so once I got through all the slushy stuff it was pretty much home free.

I got off the highway to come through Laurens, and lo and behold, there was snow on the ground.  Nothing falling from the sky but there was enough dusting of the white stuff to knowi t had snowed in the area but not all the town had snow; I'd say perhaps the first 3 or 4 miles into the town off the highway had snow on the ground.  I have to travel to the other side of Laurens to get to the road that heads to my house.  I also have to go through two other small towns - Hickory Tavern and Princeton (which is really not a town but they do have some houses, two gas stations and a motel there)  - to get back to my town.  I got right into Hickory Tavern and guess what, more snow on the ground like in Laurens but it wasn't anything major - spots of dust covering and a few places where it had settled in a little hills, probably on something like a pile of leaves or some such. 

I did see a beautiful sunset by time I hit  the road to my house.  So what started out as a  yucky weather wise day ended up with a gorgeous sunset.  The sky and clouds were all pink and purple and pretty.  I should have pulled over to take pictures but I was really at the end of my day and tired so just came straight home. 

So how was your day?  Hope it was a good one - see you all in the postings - E :)

Monday, February 04, 2013

An Educator's Life: Tool #2- Part D- Vigorous Verbs

The next lesson in Mr. Hughes' teaching poetry unit - full of wonderful mentor texts and great poems.  I love how he has the kids do a related activity the day that they are studying whatever it is they are studying.  I was actually present for this class session and that Turkey poem he read was hilarious and had the whole class laughing.  I highly suggest  you at least sign up to get Mr. Hughes' postings via email so you can be kept up to date on his teachings of different units.  He either has this week and next week left in the poetry unit and then we are moving on to POV, which will be my time to do some teaching and I'm going to have to figure out how to talk to all three classes about this topic but it will all work out.  Stop over and share some comment love and let Mr. Hughes know what a great job he is doing teaching this unit and whether his ideas have been helpful to you in your teaching endeavors.  Mrs. E :)

An Educator's Life: Tool #2- Part D- Vigorous Verbs: Welcome back to Post #5 in my Journey into Poetry Land series. To read all the posts in the this series, click HERE to see all the posts f...

Friday, February 01, 2013

An Educator's Life: Poetry Tool #2- Part C Alliteration

Here is the next posting in Mr. Hughes' teaching poetry.  I really encourage all of you who teach writing to your students to check out his blog postings as well as follow his blogs.  He is very good and I've learned a lot  from working with him over the past 4 or 5 school years (2008-2009; 2009-2010; 2010-2011; 2011-2012; and the current one 2012-2013).  I'm also gathering my resource books so that I have an arsenal to do a writing workshop - geared to parents and teachers, still incorporating my state series.  See you all in  the postings - Mrs. E :)

An Educator's Life: Poetry Tool #2- Part C Alliteration: Greetings! It has been FAR too long since I have posted on my poetry lessons, and now I am two weeks behind in posts. So I will try my be...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


If anyo f you are in the Greenville, SC, area or even close enough that you wouldn't mind driving to the area and would like to pitch something to an agent, now is your chance.  Nina will be speaking to our local Sisters in Crime group next Thursday, February 7.  Please see the website for setting up pre-meeting pitches and also for the special menu so that orders can be placed, that is if you plan on staying and dining with the group, so that seating and arrangements can be made.  All food orders must be made before noon Thursday, February 7.  If you order and do not show up, you will have to still pay for dinner.  If you only want something to drink, that is fine too but still need to place orders so that the restaurant will be able to accommodate everyone in the meeting room. See you all in the postings - E :)

Sisters in Crime of Upstate SC: NINA BRUHNS TO SPEAK FEBRUARY 7, TAKE PITCHES FOR ...: Nina Bruhns, best-selling author of nearly 30 novels and editorial director for Entangled Publishing’s Suspense line, will be the guest spe...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

This and That

I didn't really have much to report today and I've not done a This and That posting in a few weeks.   I'd almost given up hope of seeing sales again but I checked not too long ago and surprise -  I sold a copy of  "Train of Clues" on amazon -

Was going to run a small contest concerning my bookworms but I've been sick and so haven't accomplished as much as I wanted to, therefore, the contest will be run next week once I've had a chance to play catch up with work and a few other things.  Contacting the librarians this week to remind them of the contest an see if they have had any students submit some ideas.

May have some news about the JGDS series but won't get my hopes up nor  yours right now.  When it happens, it happens and the whole world will know about it.  See you in the postings - E :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Novel Spaces: Culture and Settings

Great reminder about how an author really needs to be familiar with every aspect  of their story including the culture or setting of the story.  Stop over and see what you think.  - E :)

Novel Spaces: Culture and Settings: Have you ever read a novel set in your hometown and wonder what town they are describing?   Or have you ever seen an expert on televisi...

Friday, January 25, 2013

An Educator's Life: Poetry Tool #2- Musical Language- Part B- Invented...

the next in the series on teaching poetry.  i actually was in the class for this one and it was fun even though i didn't participate much.  stop by and leave some comments on how you teach poetry, made-up words and alliteration -E :

An Educator's Life: Poetry Tool #2- Musical Language- Part B- Invented...: Dr. Seuss is such an amazing writer. He ability to bend the rules of writing and poetry astound me. He was the perfect name to bring up as ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Educator's Life: Poetry Tool #2- Musical Language- Part A

this is the third in the series on teaching poetry by Mr. Hughes.  enjoy - Mrs. E :)

An Educator's Life: Poetry Tool #2- Musical Language- Part A: Welcome back to Post #3 in this series of Poetry Lessons in my classroom. If you missed the first post, you may want to start HERE and th...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bookworm Colors and Writing Contest Update

So this morning, I made the trip to Laurens to hit up that Walmart searching for more colors for my bookworms.  I couldn't find the Melonberry (1 bookworm available) or Ocean (14 bookworms available), so looks like when those two colors are sold out then there won't be any more, unless I happen to print off the coupons from Hobby Lobby and can find them there or order directly through Red Heart with no discount, which I'd rather not do. 

At the end of this week, I will hold a quick guessing contest for the bookworms plus a signed copy of a book -so stay tuned for that.

Just a reminder that the Writing Contest for synopses for my characters from Finally Home  is still going on and is open to all students in grade 4 and up.  I had thought of just leaving it opened to upper elementary/middle schoolers, but I've decided to let high schoolers enter as well.  I've also extended the contest to the 5th of February, so that I can make my rounds on the 7th in the local area to collect any submissions (yes payday so I can have gas enough to run around and gather all the entries) and be able to mail out prepaid envelopes to everyone else.  Hoping to see lots of new ideas and lots more stories in the Kelly Watson series.  Good luck to everyone - looking forward to seeing what your students come up with. - Keep on writing and see you all in the postings - Mrs. E :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Educator's Life: Poetry Tool #1- Rhythm

the second posting in the series of teaching poetry to students.  stop by and see what you can learn.  Mrs. E :)

An Educator's Life: Poetry Tool #1- Rhythm: Welcome to Post #2 in a series of posts about my current journey teaching poetry to a group of 60 students composed of 4th, 5th, and 6th gra...

All Things Upper Elementary: Poetry vs. Prose... and more- Journey into Poetry ...

Mr. Hughes has been teaching poetry, not my thing really, but sitting in classes a couple of times a week has helped.  I think Richard Gere said it best in Pretty Woman when he was talking about the opera - people either love it or they don't.  If they love it from the beginning, it becomes part of their soul; if they don't they learn to appreciate but it will never be a part of them.  I think the same can be said about poetry and with the lessons he is sharing, I can learnto appreciate poetry.  stop by and follow his postings on teaching poetry to his students.  - Mrs. E :

All Things Upper Elementary: Poetry vs. Prose... and more- Journey into Poetry ...: Greetings Dear Readers! I can hardly believe that we have all introduced ourselves and now it is time to share the "goods"! WAHOO! For m...

Friday, January 18, 2013

YA Authors You've Never Heard Of: The Accidental Series

I feel that Ophelia and I are in the same boat of sorts.  Stop over and read the full posting and leave a comment to help her out with making her novel Haunted a continuing series.  From the description on amazon, I have a feeling once the ideas start coming  that she won't be able to stop this from being a series.

(DESCRIPTION FROM AMAZON:  Staff ghost story night happens every Thursday at the Poet's Corner Bookstore, but this Thursday will change Cassie's life in waysshe could never have imagined.  When Michael Penfield walks into the store as the new hire, Cassie is surprised to see her friend from childhood.  But Michael has changed since the last time she saw him, from his completely serious demeanor to the scar that mars his face and neck.  Cassie, still reeling from the death of her boyfriend, Daniel, has concerns of her own.  That night, Michael tells a ghost story from the earlier years he shared with Cassie, and both of them are soon involved with phantoms from the past, the haunted house whee Cassie lives, a horrific murder from thirty years ago, even the story Michael has never shared with another living soul.

Not everyone is haunted, but everyone has a ghost story.) -- I particularly think this tag line can lead to some interesting ghost stories to continue her originally planned stand-alone into a series, and the first three reviews are asking for a second one - so let Ophelia know what ideas you might have for the second and following books in this series. - E :)

YA Authors You've Never Heard Of: The Accidental Series: Last summer, I decided to try my hand at writing a series. The decision had been a long time coming. Editors and publishers frequen...

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Bookworm colors

Seems Walmart isn't carrying many of the colors of my previously made and sold bookworms, so there will be a few changes along the this year.  I guess the saying  for me is, if you have the money at the time and they have several skeins of the varigated colors you want then get them while you can.

I went to our Walmart yesterday and picked up a Monet, Watercolor, Heartfelt and Bonbon print.  This evening I decided to go to the Walmart in Greenwood and was confused because I thought for sure the last time I bought yarn from a different Walmart was this past summer when I was toting my friend Andi around to doctors' appointments and I really thought I had been in the Greenwood Walmart.  But when I walked into the Walmart I was thinking, not the right Walmart because the food center was where I remembered the crafts/yarn/seasonal type things being.  Well, after finding the craft/yarn/material department in this Walmart and seeing that their selection was even less than the Anderson Walmart, it dawned on me that I actually had purchased yarn at the Laurens Walmart this past summer and they had a pretty decent selection.  I did pick up one skein of Woodsy, another one of Heartfelt and a real  pretty one called Wildflower.

If you would like to see samples of the yarns, just go to Red Heart and click on their yarns and checking out the super saver yarns - as those are what I use for all the bookworms.  As soon as I get these made up, I'll post actual pictures of the colors that are new to the collection.  I guess I'll be making a trip to Laurens either the end of this month or beginning of next since I have a pretty big event planned for March and really need to keep my bookworm supply full.  See you all in the postings.  - Mrs. E :)

Sunday, January 06, 2013

This and That

I forgot to post this Sunday so figured while I was posting new blog postings better catch you all up on what happened this past week.

Ebook sales are still at nil.  Nothing since the middle of the December, but it's all good.  Last Wednesday, I went to the Anderson County Library for the showing of Brave and started chatting with another parent who was reading a library book and she bought two of the State books (Successes and Quarries) for her two boys.  I also gave each of them a bookworm and a USA map puzzle. 

Hoping the rest of the year shows some serious sales but that is a decent start to the year.  Now to have about 20 more sales this month - lol - that would really make my day to do that on a monthly basis but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.  I'll take whatever I can get. 

Friday evening while waiting for my supper at the local Wings place here in town (no, I don't eat wings because they are costly and don't satisfy me - I always get a chicken sandwich which is very tasty), a family came up to pay and I offered a bookmark to the older girl and the mother asked if she could have one too because she was a librarian at a school in Greenwood County.  I told her about the writing contest and got her email address to send her the information to pass on to the students.  I'll send out a reminder email to all the schools I've contacted around the 21st so hopefully I'll have many entries.  I've already purchased the envelopes for the schools to send me the entries.  I found some cool ticket reward things for the students whose stories I select at Dollar Tree.  So don't forget if you have a student who  would like to submit an idea for Kelly and Emma Louise, the deadline is the 31st of this month.  All submissions will be considered and I'll probably send a bookworm to each person who submits.  Looking forward to seeing what the students comes up with.  See you all in the postings - Mrs. E ;)