Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shopping and New items

Yesterday was payday along with taxes coming back. I took the kids shopping for clothes. Daughter did well getting what she needed - 3 jean capris, 4 tops, a pair of shoes, socks, underwear; son not so well in my opinion since he spent $60 on shoes which he probably could have gotten for half the cost at Walmart, 2 pair of jeans, a jacket that he needed and it was a great price (Old Navy - was originally priced at $90 and marked down to $22 - so that is his only sound purchase of the day), a pack of V-necked T-shirts. Me I did okay - got a pair of shoes that were on sale but because I bought daughter's shoes and they were running a BOGO50$ sale in the store, I got my tennis shoes for half off the sale price; I know that sounds petty but for a pair of Keds originally markd at $35, down to $25, and then to get them for $12.50 in the end - I'm a happy camper. I did pick up a top at Ross's and two nightgowns. The things I didn't get included some pants and more tops but they will have to wait as I spent way too much on other things.

What I did pick up at Walmart, and color me sticker shocked, was some new yarn for bookworms to sell at my events. Why sticker shocked? just a month and a half ago, the yarn was $2.33/skein and yesterday it was $2.58/skein (yeah, I know that's only a 25 cent increase but it was still shocking but I guess everything is going up relative to the price of gas/gallon). If I had about $20 I would have bought a bunch of the Christmas yarn for the end of this year since that was a popular item in November. Maybe in a week or so I can run in there and pick up several skeins to have on hand for the next season.

One of the colors I did pick up was what I already make what I call my "autumn" bookworms because that color scheme did very well. One of the others I'd been looking at for a whle and been thinking of getting is called "Monet" and it's very Easter-y or maybe this will be my new "spring" one. I did pick up two more skeins (four in total) of yarn - one called "bonbon print" and it could be a "spring" color scheme as well except it reminds me of cotton candy sort of - so not sure what I'll call that one. The last one, I think, is going to be one of my new favorites. The skein coloring is called "woodsy", so it's a lot of browns, tans and earthy colors. That bookworm is being "earthworm" - lol. I did one of each of the three new colors last night and went to take pictures of them (without their eyes right now) and my camera battery was dead, so the pictures will have to wait until I get my camera charged up (and by that time, the worms will all have their eyes - lol).

I'm running out of topics to write about, so I'm now turning this back into a family blog - lol (not really - just in that kind of mood today). If you all have any suggestions of things you'd like me to post about, please don't hesitate to leave a comment -

Update on Imogene: I wrote about 2 pages on the story Sunday - set the timer and all - and had a line or two that I really liked: People were always telling Jacob he could Imogene's twin, and they could as they had similar features - the dark hair, the Asian complexion, the eyes, and they shared more than just the same parents. They also shared the same date of birth seven years apart.

Does it give you an idea of what the story is about? Not really. Does it come into play later in the story? Maybe. Imogene went missing at the age of 5 while her family was vacationing in Asia. It is now 10 years later, the approaching 15th birthday; the few months before passports for children were individualized, and her mother, Sarah Beth is making the final quest to find her daughter to bring her home. A lot can happen in ten years and a lot did happen to Imogene, which I hope to bring out in the story as it develops. After writing what little I did Sunday afternoon, I told my editor that this story may be written piecemeal and pieced together to make it a novel (or at least novella length) as I have all these disjointed scenes floating around in my head that I know I need to sit down and write but there are no flowing ideas to move the story from point A to point B. Mini sections that somehow have to have some filler to make it a story.

What about my readers out there? Have you ever written a story in a disjointed manner (one scene/section at a time) and then tried to piece the story together in an orderly fashion? Let me know - it will be interesting to compare notes - E :)


Susanne Drazic said...

Your bookworms sound interesting. When camera is recharged, I'd like to see pictures of them.

elysabeth said...


You needed to scroll up a few postings - lol. I did post the new colors on the 24th - but you can always see all of them at either website - or the JGDS website -

E :)