Thursday, February 16, 2012

Promoting Marilyn Levinson

I just updated two of my out-of-print children's books and put them up on Kindle. RUFUS AND MAGIC RUN AMOK was an International Reading Association-Children's Book Council Children's Choice. Fourth-grader Rufus Breckenridge discovers he has magical powers like the women in his family, but keeps it a secret. Once his mother learns he's an "Empowered One," she'll make him take lessons so he can use his powers to do good deeds. Where's the fun in that? Suddenly Rufus is no longer afraid of Big Douggie. He can perform all sorts of tricks. His powers grow stronger and stronger and get him into more and more trouble. Soon his magic is out of control.

NO BOYS ALLOWED was in print for eighteen years, and has been translated into Swedish and Dutch. Eleven-year-old Cassie Landouer is devastated when her father divorces her mother to marry a young lawyer and moves out of state. She handles her pain by boycotting all the males in her life, including her best friend, Bobby. Then Uncle Harry moves in and she can't very well ignore him. Even worse, he discovers her secret. What's a girl to do?

RUFUS AND MAGIC RUN AMOK is $2.99 on Kindle. You can download it for free on February 16 and 17th. NO BOYS ALLOWED is $3.99 and can be found here. Both will soon be available in paperback.

AUTHOR BIO: Marilyn Levinson is a former Spanish teacher and the author of several books for children and young adults. Her first, AND DON'T BRING JEREMY, was a nominee for six state awards. NO BOYS ALLOWED has sold over 200,000 copies.

More recently, Marilyn has been writing mysteries for adults. Suspense Magazine awarded A MURDERER AMONG US a Best Indie of 2011. The book has been featured on the Five Star Books site these last three months. The sequel, MURDER IN THE AIR, will be out later this month. Her ghost mystery, GIVING UP THE GHOST, is coming out in April with Uncial Press.

Marilyn is a member of The Authors Guild, RWA, The Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime and the Guppies. She co-founded and is President of the Long Island chapter of Sisters in Crime.

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