Tuesday, February 02, 2016

TeachersPayTeachers/Decatur news/GoFundMe Campaign

An update on the gofundme campaign - I've had one donation (and it is much appreciated) but need to raise more funds to pay off my illustrator so I can get started with a new illustrator and get my state series back on track and out there.  If you can contribute or can recommend someone who can contribute, please stop by here and leave a donation.  Every little bit helps get me closer to paying her off. 

I've opened my TeachersPayTeachers store for my state stories to start selling in digital format.  Once the first illustrator is paid off, I will be getting that series back on track with (hopefully) three republished titles this year and at least the four new ones next year and probably two to four more as well (depending on how quickly my illustrator can get things done and how quickly I can format the stories for publication).  So if you have been following the Junior Geography Detective Squad (JGDS), 50-state, mystery, trivia series, please stop by the store and help me build my followers.  Also, please help spread the word to all teachers (especially social studies teachers) and homeschoolers that you know who would like to supplement their social studies curriculum with a fun state mystery series.  The files include the book specific study guides, all for one low price.  You can find my TpT store here and the more followers I have the better as you will receive updates when new items are added to the store.

The last thing is the Decatur Book Festival - the place I got my start when the first state story was first published under a publisher.  I've wanted to participate several years since then but haven't been able to afford it.  This year I get to participate with two groups so will be represented in two different booths.  The Sisters in Crime Atlanta chapter has asked the Palmetto chapter (SC) and the Upstate chapter (SC) as well as the Low Country chapter (SC/GA) and a chapter in Tennessee to participate with them in a booth.  I've already filled out my survey and hope to be hearing back from them soon about how they are going to do participation and what not. 

I'm also a member of the YA Authors Rendezvous group and one of the members actually lives about 45 minutes from Decatur and we're going to have a YAAR booth as well; of course with the help of the other members so as to keep cost to each of us low.  You can check out the group's website here and see what we have to offer.  A huge variety from paranormal to children's to everything in between geared for the younger readers. 

I know it sounds kind of crazy to be in two booths at the same time but here is the breakdown - The Kelly Watson stories and Imogene will be in the Sisters in Crime booth; the Kelly Watson series, A Moose in the Shower and the state stories published up to that time will be in the YAAR booth.  I will also help in both booths as needed but more than likely more in the YAAR booth than the Sisters in Crime booth as I think it will be a bit crowded with all the folks who will be represented from 5 chapters (as well as the national organization being promoted) to be there.  I've been ecstatic since finding out about being in Decatur again this year.  I've a lot of work ahead of me in the upcoming months so I should sign off now and get some shuteye so that I can start anew tomorrow, working on my crochet projects that need completing as well as some writing projects.  See you all in the postings - E :)