Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another friend's site

If you have small children around and are looking for some good books to give during this holiday time, please check out my friend's store front at www.lulu.com - Link is posted to the side under Jeanne Marlene - they are very cute books - E :)

I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth yet!!!

I guess it seems I've not done much updating since band stuff was over but I've been busy.

As soon as band competitions ended, NaNoWriMo began and for those of you not familiar with this - it is a writing frenzy. National Novel Writing Month starts November 1 and ends November 30. The object of this is to write 50,000 words of a Novel in 30 days. I was challenged to do this and to write a novel or novella or whatever it came out to be since all I really have done have been short stories and haven't really felt that I had a novel in me. Well, I have hit the 33,000 word mark and am probably half way finished with my story, probably a middle grade book, which now that I've gotten a few twists and turns going on in my head, I'm excited about getting this story finished. Needless to say, I won't hit the 50,000 this month but will keep working on it until it is finished. I went into this with no idea what I was writing, so my challenge was to rewrite my mystery as a young adult story - and I had started a YA before but wasn't really pleased with how it was going. So what happened was that Lana told me to find a story prompt and write a story. I found one that said - two friends enter a house. In the house there is a 100-year-old mirror that has never been broken - write a story about what happens.

Well since my fascination has always been this "house on a hill" that got me writing my very first novella (it is completed, just not edited and is kind of dull), I started a story about the mirror. Then when I started NaNo, I decided to keep the house and the mirror and work with those, as well as two girls exploring the house. Now the story has taken on a bit of magick and involves witches and that sort of thing - I hope the girls will enjoy it - With my busy schedule this week, I will be pleased as punch if I hit the 40,000 word mark. I must work today and then attend my kids' band concert this evening and upon returning from that, I will be writing some more tonight. Tomorrow after work, I'll add some more. Slow and steady - if I do about 2500 words the next three days, I should hit the 40,000 word mark by the end of Thursday (but do have the town parade to attend as well as a meeting - so may have to do some power writing tonight and tomorrow so I can accomplish what I need to do on Thursday - fingers crossed I hit the 40,000 mark, although I must say, I never really thought I would get a story that was this long or longer - I figured my story would end at 30,000 or 35,000 but it's not ending - the girls are just now going into the house -

Okay - now you know where I've been - hope to see you all on the postings - E :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

still behind on band info

The band made the top six, placing 5th this year in over all the state - so we say congrats to our band -- I can't find my daughter on the picture on the front page but I know she is in the group.

We had a great time and now that band season is over, we are moving on to other things (she's thinking if the doctor will let her to do winterguard) so we I'll just keep you posted on that aspect -

Check out how they all look - following the links on the front page to marching band to photos and you will see pictures of the upper state competition first and some other performance and practice pictures and then the bottom set is the state competition - the one picture with all the drum majors lined up I believe is the beginning of the state pictures. Best one of the group is when they are in their show shirts at upper state in the stands and standing at attention - you can see everyone's face for the most part (although we do have some very short band members but they are there) - Take a peek and let me know what you think of a great group of kids - see you all on the field, or in the pages - E :)

Newsletter for magazine for which I am an editor

It may not be much - but every little bit helps and we are still taking submissions - so please if you are interested in writing a story for the magazine, check out our submissions page and just write and submit.

Diary of a Novel

Diary of a Novel

Pretty cool site - maybe if I keep blogging my friends, the hits on my site will go up as well as the comments and their sites will get lots of hits -

Kimberli is pretty cool and a NaNo fanatic - she hasn't posted much this month but she has been working on her novel in a very dedicated manner - please visit her traveling blog to see some of her adventures - pictures of places she has been, fall colors, et cetera - pretty cool stuff - E :)