Thursday, November 24, 2011

Finally Home released

Finally Home is now availsble in all formats. Please visit my website to order a copy or you can get your ebook copy on kindle, nook and smashwords. If you order a copy from any place other than directly from me and would like it "signed" and a personal message added, you can request a kindlegraph here.

Those of you who have preordered a copy, you should have yours by the end of next week - see you in the postings - E :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kindlegraph (again)

For all you published authors out there, I'd like you to consider putting your books on kindlegraph. You do not need to have your books as ebooks nor do you have to have a kindle to use the service. It is free to everyone. It is a great way to connect authors to their readers. What you will need is a twitter account and either your AISN (this is amazon's own number, which is a 10-digit amazon assigned number) or the 10-digit ISBN and a valid email address. If you aren't already listed there, I encourage you all to put your books there and start signing your kindlegraphs to your readers.

Readers don't need a kindle either as they can have their kindlegraphs sent directly to a valid email address. The kindlegraphs are PDFs that come in with the cover of the book requested plus a personalized message and a signature from the author. You can print these files out and place in your print copy or you can have them sent to your kindle and start a collection of your kindlegraphs.

So far, of the 13 copies of "The Proposal" I've sold only one request for a kindlegraph has come in. If anyone purchased a copy (either when it was offered as a freebie through smashwords or on kindle (2 copies sold here) or nook (one copy sold here)) and would like a "signed" file for their purchase, they can still request the kindlegraph as the books won't be taken off unless of course I unpublish them). "The Proposal (an April Fools Day story)" is available for all ereaders for the low price of only 99 cents. All my state books are listed on kindlegraph even though they are not available as ebooks. Check out my personal author site here.

Check out kindlegraph and see what authors you may know on there (over 2500 authors listed right now). Get your books signed without having purchased directly from the author - come join us today - and get personalized and e-signed books today - E :)

You may find Elysabeth's books at her website.

Finally Home, a YA paranormal mystery
"The Proposal" (an April Fools Day story), a humorous romance ebook
"Butterfly Halves", a YA fantasy ebook (coming soon)
"The Tulip Kiss", a paranormal romance ebook (coming soon)
"Bride-and-Seek", a paranormal romance ebook (coming soon)

For more on the 50-state, mystery series, you can check out the books here.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skype visit for NaNoWriMo

Today, I had a Skype visit with some 5th and 6th graders in Washington State. They are all writing stories for NaNo and I got to share my experiences as being a published author and how Finally Home came about from a NaNo writing challenge (although it was started the middle of November and ended the middle of December, it was written in 30 days and accomplished the goal of 56,000 words). As the challenge is to write your stories in November, I didn't get recognized with a "winner's certificate" from NaNo but I got the satisfaction of writing something over 10,000 words story wise. I'm not sure I have any more novels in me but I'm thankful for the one I do have and to get it out.

I was told that after the visit, the students wrote like crazy on their stories and one student actually exceeded his 3000 word goal, so yay!! - I inspired them to write and to meet and exceed their own personal goals.

Thank you, Mrs. N, for allowing me to be a part of your NaNo class time - see you in the postings - E :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rewriting completed manuscripts, a good idea or not?

Check out my posting on the Writers on the Move blog about whether or not rewriting a completed manuscript is a good idea. Did I make the right move? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Don't forget order your copy of Finally Home and receive a free crocheted bookworm bookmark in your choice of autumn, Christmas, primary, spring, summer or winter colors (all are varigated colors representing the seasons except for the primary colored ones - I just happened to like it and so decided to add it to the mix of seasons). Orders can be placed directly on my website and copies are only $15 which includes shipping. If you plan to give a signed copy as a gift, now is the time to order your copy so that you have it in time to put under the tree. See you all in the postings - E :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

It's here!

Finally Home proof copy is here. If you would like a copy for a Christmas present, now is the time to order. Once I go through the book, I will be releasing it to the public, and since I will be out of town a good bit next week (from Wednesday through Sunday, but not all in the same place - lol), I will be placing an order early Friday morning (from all the orders received between now and Friday morning) to ensure I have copies of books on hand for the Savannah's Children's book festival next weekend and to send out to all who have placed their order early. If you do not place your order with me (send me an email - with Finally Home order in the subject line) by mid morning Friday, your copy may not get to you in time for Christmas since I will have to place the order for copies after Thanksgiving, but it is possible that your copy could be received in time for Christmas. Usually I need a 2-1/2 to 3-week lead to order books, get them, sign them and place back in the mail. All orders placed between now and Friday will also receive a free bookworm bookmark in your choice of autumn, Christmas, primary, spring, summer or winter (one per book ordered, so if you ordered 6 copies, you could request one of each color - lol). Please indicate which one you would like when placing your order and also remember to tell me to whom to make the book.

Copies are $13 plus $2 for shipping per copy for the first 2 copies; 3 or 4 copies shipping is $5; and over 4 copies shipping will be $10. If you want to order from my website, you can check out the book page here and place an order that way. Email and website orders are direct from me and will be sent from me. If you do not want to email me but order directly through paypal, you just need to use my email addy as my paypal addy. If you want to order from, check back the first of next week to place your order. Remember if you order a copy from any place other than a direct order and you want it "signed", you will need to go to kindlegraph and request your personalized note. You do not need a kindle to request a kindlegraph; these can be sent to any valid email addy (they come in as a PDF).

For advanced praises on Finally Home, stop over at Ms. Faye Tollison's site and check out her September postings. See you all in the postings - E :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Finally Home preorders

Preorders for Finally Home are being taken now. Any order between now and Friday of this week will receive a free bookworm bookmark. Orders may be made from the website or directly through paypal ( Please indicate to whom to make the books to and which bookworm you would like - autumn, Christmas, primary, spring, summer or winter.

Here are the bookworms for color identification:

See you all in the postings - E :)

Monday, November 07, 2011

Daylight Savings Time explained

This was a pretty interesting video explaining daylight savings time, why some countries observe it and why others don't - one of my friends on plurk shared it with us - I hope you all enjoy - E :)

Finally Home proof copy ordered

So money is in the bank right at 1 AM. I jumped on createspace and have ordered the proof copy for Finally Home and the republishing proof of Train of Clues. I also ordered 3 more copies of each of the state stories that are published since I have two events next week, back to back. The hope is that I will have my proof copies by Wednesday or Thursday of this week and will be able to release Finally Home officially Friday and order a few copies to have on hand for the Savannah Children's Book Festival the weekend of the 19th. That will be my official launch date if all goes well.

I am getting my new van today - and I can't wait. After that I have tons of errands to run and then come home to work and be available for the class visit with Mr. Hughes' class. See you all in the postings - E :)

Saturday, November 05, 2011

SinC went to the dogs

Our upstate SC Sisters in Crime meeting went to the dogs on Thursday evening. We had two K-9 officers and their dogs, Nemo and Nero, come visit us and demonstrate how the dogs are trained to attack and seek out drugs. Nero is a German Shepherd and Nemo is a Dutch Shepherd. I'd never seen a Dutch Shepherd before but that is one beautiful dog. Nero did his job and then wanted to play with his toy and wanted someone to play with him but we were all too fascinated to play. Nemo was brought in and found the two hidden bags of drugs - one in the electrical box and one in under a metal container (like an empty propane container). The drug dogs are trained for 600 hours - that is a 6-month training at 10 hours a day - for their respective purposes whether it be drug searching, bomb searching, scents or whatever. Shepherds make the best dog for attack dogs because of the way their snout is made - long and narrow. When they clamp down on a bad guy, they hold strong until the handler commands them to release. The "bites" are not what causes the damage since they are basically immobilizing a person when they clamp down on your arms or legs or whatever body part they do (necks, face and groins are off limits); it's the person trying to pull away from the animal that causes the damage. So, be warned if you are committing a crime and a dog is put on you to attack, don't fight it; you will receive less damage to your physical being than if you fight it.

The information was very good and if I were writing stories for adults (oh wait, I have three stories for adults, one is now available as an ebook - The Proposal; and two more are coming soon - lol) I probably would use some of the information we get from our meetings. I love our local SinC group for the variety of guest speakers brought in to provide the true mystery writers such great information. We have had everyone from lawyers to FBI agents, arson inspectors to forensic psychologists, weapons experts and other mystery authors come to speak since I've been a member (about the last 4 years or so).

I encourage anyone in the upper state of South Carolina or even North Carolina who either writes mysteries or loves reading mysteries to visit our group which meets the first Thursday of the month at the Runway Cafe in Greenville, SC. Meetings start at 6:15 (with dinner being served starting about 6:30) and our guest speakers starting about 7 pm. See you all in the postings and maybe at one of our meetings - E :)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Gifts for the Holidays

Are you at a loss of what to give that someone special in your life? Do you need some ideas? Here are few from my friend, Batya, and her websites to include soul mates, gifts, sayings, and indoor gardening.

Something everyone uses - Calendars.

Soul mate calendar

Indoor Gardening

BatyaSez calendar

If you would like something a bit out of the ordinary and don't want to give a calendar, how about checking out her store.

For unique and well-chosen gifts for all occasions, her Best Meaningful Gift page is the place to be.

Of course, we all know that books from indie authors also make great gifts for the readers in your life.

If you like a little romantic suspense, my friend Faye Tollison has her first story, To Tell The Truth, available here.

My illustrator, Heather, also has a book available and is working on publishing more books.

The Writers on the Move group has just published a holiday list on the blog of what's available from indie authors. Please check out what is out there.

There are many of my friends who have books available but they are too numerous to list here, so if you have friends who like to read, try finding out who their favorite author(s) is(are) and think about gifting them with a book.

My books are available through Amazon or can be ordered directly from me. Check out both my state series and my other books. I also have some bookworms on my state series website under the Gifts tab. Remember if you order any book, not just ebooks, from any source other than a direct sale from me and would like them personalized and signed, please visit my kindlegraph page and make your request. I love personalizing my books as that is part of the fun of being an author. Hope you enjoy this short list of gift giving ideas for the special people in your life. E :)