Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sorry ya'll - I've been through heck and back or so it seems, not been inspired to write much, haven't even posted on other people's blogs until tonight - so figured I should update mine as well.

Wish I could add a counter on my blog site but not sure how - would love to see how many are reading anything online - lol - only kidding - not a big following of anyone on my blog site but there are plenty out there that do have big followings

So let's see - writing wise - I checked out the SC Fiction Project on the 30th of June since the statement was that all winners would be notified and posted by the first of July - and none of the three from the local writing group I belong to who entered a story in the project won - kind of disappointing but someone from the upstate did get picked - so that was enlightening - the majority of the winners seemed to be from Charleston or Columbia, even though it is a statewide project for all writers - makes you wonder where the published writers live in this state - lol - the beach, the capital or the inspirational areas - not upstate (not true because I do know several published authors from the upstate area)

Working on a mini mystery - flash fiction contest thing - so may get that fixed up and submitted by the end of the month. I've been challenged to do 35,000 words by the end of the month and I should utilize my down time (work computer power supply died after a week of use, so awaiting a new power supply - hopefully tomorrow it will be here) to write on this story I started last weekend - maybe get it up to to 30,000 or something by the end of the month - not sure what I'll do with it - just have to see -

So, keep writing, keep doing what you do best - back next month - E :)