Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Book - What got you hooked on reading? contest results

And the state receiving 50,000 books is ....... (drumrool please) Hawaii. Kentucky and Oklahoma were fighting it out but in the end, Hawaii and North Carolina stomped all over them. And believe it or not, South Carolina placed in the top 10, ranking at #8. This from down in the lower 25 of the pack, so kudos to all those readers who took the initiative and voted and put Hawaii out in front and brought South Carolina up from being the low man on totem pole. If you want to see all the states' rankings, just click on the title of this posting and you will be taken directly to the results page.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

VBT- Writers on the move celebrates one year!

And you readers will be the winners. We are giving away prizes every day of the tour in November for the first twenty three days. Instead of doing our usual 1st and 3rd postings, each person on the schedule will post on a scheduled day (see schedule below). Stop by each stop and leave a comment and you may win a prize (see below about prizes).


November 1 - Dianne Sagan hosting Heidi Thomas
November 2 - Harry Gilleland hosting Karen Cioffi
November 3 - Karen Cioffi hosting Martha Swirzinki
November 4 - Kathy Stemke hosting Brigitte Thompson
November 5 - Nancy Famolari hosting Deborah Weed
November 6 - Margaret Fieland hosting Elysabeth Eldering
November 7 - Crystalee Calderwood hosting Harry Gilleland
November 8 - Katie Hines hosting Heather Paye
November 9 - Helena Harper hosting Steve Tremp
November 10 - Liana Metal hosting Crystalee Calderwood
November 11 - Carolyn Howard-Johnson hosting Marvin Wilson
November 12 - Gayle Trent hosting Dianne Sagan
November 13 - Mayra Calvani hosting Carolyn Howard-Johnson
November 14 - Marvin Wilson hosting Gayle Trent
November 15 - Linda Asato hosting Mayra Calvani
November 16 - Heather Paye hosting Katie Hines
November 17 - Steve Tremp hosting Helena Harper
Novemver 18 - Elysabeth Eldering hosting Linda Asato
November 19 - Darcia Helle hosting Liana Metal
November 20 - Deborah Weed hosting Nancy Famolari
November 21 - Brigitte Thompson hosting Margaret Fieland
November 22 - Martha Swirzinki hosting Darcia Helle
November 23 - Heidi Thomas hosting Kathy Stemke

Each day there will be prizes offered. All you have to do is leave a comment on the host's site on the day he/she is posting for their guest and you may be a WINNER!

The Winner will have a choice of ONE of 2 or 3 books of our members or other related gifts, OR a one day guest spot on the VBT - Writers on the Move site!

Prizes being given away EVERY Day from November 1st through November 23rd!

OH! Wait a minute! That's not all! We are still having our Mystery Site Giveaway and the SUPER-DUPER PRIZE is a $25 (US) GIFT CARD to either Amazon, Target, or an American Express Gift Card. I'll know for sure by the end of this month.

Winners will be notified the day after each posting. The Mystery Site Winner will be notified Sunday, November 29th.

Come celebrate with us and maybe be the WINNER of a great gift in the process.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

First competition down

Our school performed in a 3A class yesterday. It was a prelim/final competition, meaning the top band in each class plus four other top scoring bands would compete in the finals. Eighteen bands total competed, four in 1A, five in 2A, four in 3A, and five in 4A. The first performance started at like 12:30 in the afternoon. I didn't make it to see the 1A or 2A bands but did make it to see all the 3A and 4A bands perform. We performed last in out class with a show called "Time Warp". In the preliminaries we received best drumline, best colorguard, best horn line in the 3A class and took first place. This automatically put us in the finals.

In the finals, we were up against a 1A, 2A and all five 4A bands and placed 5th. I think they did a stellar job considering at last week's football game I didn't feel they stood a chance of making it past upper state this year. I think they have a chance to go to state again. I'll keep you posted every week. Next week's competition is one we are hosting, so even though we will be scored, we are not "competing" with any other bands, since we will only do an exhibition. See you next week - E :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Summer Love by Liana Metal, a graphic novel love story

SUMMER LOVE synopsis: Elira feels trapped running her family's little hotel on the Greek island of Hydra. She's never traveled, never experienced love, never really lived. Then a handsome mysterious stranger checks in, and Elira can't hide her fascination. But Nicolas Soulakis is on a dangerous mission. When he is forced to elicit Elira's help, guilt gnaws at him for taking advantage of her obvious feelings for him. Never mind that those dove-gray eyes entrance him, that her shapely body drives him mad with desire. Soon that desire explodes in a fiery outpouring of need, and Nicolas knows he's lost.

If you click on the title of this posting, it will take you to the purchase page for this story. It is Liana's first romance done in this style. E :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A day in the life of ...

Liana Metal, writer and artist

A typical week day starts at around 8:00 a.m. when the sun rays fall on my face and the birds’ singing from the trees just off my balcony act as a natural alarm clock. I am usually a very active sort of person, but I hate organizing all my days in advance. I never drink coffee in the morning, though on some cold days I have a cup of tea with milk; a bowl of Quaker oats with honey and banana slices is filling and sweet; and a good start for a productive day!

I turn on my computer after preparing lunch, and while it is being cooked I write an article or two; on my unlucky days though, I just have to cook a second meal because the first one has got burnt! Phone calls are a great distraction during the day, especially when some relatives enjoy a lengthy and juicy conversation! I avoid daily shopping as I won’t get everything done in time. But I enjoy roaming around the town and talking to friends every other day, taking pictures for my blog or doing interviews with local people for Coffee Time paper. Every outing seems to be a small adventure for me.

When the weather permits, I start the day painting in my balcony, and I do some typing after 11a.m. I enjoy doing different tasks as it adds variety to my day schedule. Housework has to be done in between writing and painting-so I have one or two breaks dedicated to family chores. Afternoons are more relaxing. In winter I never have a siesta; I teach some young pupils for 2-3 hours and then I return to my computer to complete the work that I have started earlier in the day. Painting has to wait till the weekend when I have more free time. I spend the evenings computer-free with family members. I love watching my favorite series or a film on TV, and I never go to bed before midnight! On hot summer days I stay up later than usual, but I have a relaxing siesta during the day that keeps me refreshed. Summer evenings are mainly spent outside, at Garitsa Bay, where people stroll and chat. That is a great meeting point for friends and tourists alike and a source of inspiration as well!