Thursday, May 22, 2014

Looking for a New Avenue to Promote Your Books?

Are you looking for a place to promote your books? 

A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Anita Fricks, texted me stating there was a "Reluctant YA Readers'" book club at the local library the next evening and did I want to go with her.  I responded sure.  I took my book Finally Home with me, participated in the group discussion, even though I hadn't read the selected book for the month since I only found out about it the day before, and then talked about my book a little bit.  After the book club dissipated, I stopped at the circulation desk on the floor and chatted more with the librarian who is in charge of the book clubs, and Finally Home will be either the selected read for October or I'll have my own event, maybe on a Saturday, where I will be able to promote and sell my books. 

If you haven't checked out your local library's book clubs, do so.  If you can find one where your book possibly would fit the types of books they are reading, I suggest attending the book clubs, read the selected books and bring your books in to let the person in charge know about them and maybe get some of your books in the monthly selected reads. 

If nothing else, you are learning some new to you authors and reading other books that are on a similar line to yours.  But on the chance the librarian is stoked to have an author in the book club and would like your books or one of your books to be a selected month's read, then you have just gained a new audience. 

Good luck and remember book clubs are our friends because those readers will spread the word about your books.  E :)