Saturday, March 01, 2014

Long Time No Postings

It's been since October (and I'm not even sure how I posted anything in October) since my last posting. Just letting my followers know I am still around and finally things are turning around for me. I'm out of the house, moved into an apartment on my own, have been without a job since September 12 and now am about to start a new job. I've been in the courses through the SC Works program for Medical Billing & Electronic Health Records specialist and only have 3 more to go to get to that certification exam. I've been without internet until recently so have not really done much of anything - posting or writing. I am getting back to The Ties of Time and hope to have it written (at least first draft) by the end of this month. I may be able to persuade one of the ladies from the Sisters in Crime group to do a couple of covers for me or maybe I'll do a couple of them myself for "Butterfly Halves", "La Cave" and "Zombies Amuck" to get them published. It's been a while since I've published anything. I hope now that I have internet and am back to working that more will come about in my writing world. Stay tuned for more updates. E :)