Friday, July 31, 2009

What time of year is it?

Yep, my kids were gone for 5 and 6 weeks respectively (Hailie left on June 20 and Benjamin left on June 11) only to come back and begin the neverending flux of having mamma's taxi cab run practically 12 hours a day (or so it seems). Yes, it is band camp time. This week has been the short week in that they only had to be up at the school from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. Next week will be the worst. They have 8 to 8 days with an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner. They were supposed to be feeding the kids lunch and dinner instead of them leaving and risking being back late but the school is waxing the floors and so all the kids have to either bring their lunch and dinner or leave during those two hours, but they don't always get the full hour because by time they leave and go anywhere or even home (we are about 6 minutes from the school) and come back - they have cut into their time and to top it off, not all sections get released at exactly the same time (drumline is always last to leave anything).

Now here's the worst part. School registration is next week as well. Benjamin starts high school this year and his registration isn't until Friday and I'm heading out of town right after that. See my JGDS blog for more about what's coming up event wise for me.

I love the competitions and all but hate the constant having to take them everywhere. Methinks the bear needs to start doing some back and forth - like that's really going to happen. Anyway - more as the season progresses and school starts (which won't be long now - the 18th is when we start). This will be a more active blog when competitions roll around and I have pictures to post as videos or slideshows. - see you all in the postngs - E :)