Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Today's question is a general question from several students.

The question is - How would you write ---? this way or a different way?

The generalized answer is - write it the way you feel sounds right to you. This is your story and your voice. I may write the same sentence or fragments in a different way than you do. This is a subjective topic and I can't guide you on how to write your voice. What I can guide you on is the craft of writing stories - grammar, POV, and other aspects on the writing itself.

When you write, you yourself are part of the writing. Your voice is unique regardless of the story you are writing since theoretically every story you write or have an idea to write has already been written. What makes your story different than all the other stories is your voice. So decisions about how to write something that is distinctly your take are up to the writer.

Stay true to your voice in all that you write and keep on writing. - Mrs. E :)

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