Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Birthday and full moon

Today, okay yesterday actually considering it is now after 1 a.m. here, was my youngest child's birthday. He is an official teenager - 13 - no longer a baby. I have no babies left - wahhhhh :(

So his dad gave him some money for his birthday. I had spent all day at the school separating and checking and double and triple orders for pizza and cookie dough and making sure everyone picked up their orders. I got home about 6:30 and Benjamin comes out wanting to immediately go to dinner and spend his money. Now it's Wednesday and Hailie has gone to a friend's house to go to church with her and wants me to pick her up about 8:30. to get to town to a decent restaurant and eat and then let Benjamin do some shopping takes about two hours. Oh what to do. So we head to Anderson and on the way are discussing where to eat. We had decided on Harbor Inn which is right near the mall because that is where he wants to go to spend his money. We are almost at Harbor Inn and he looks over to the left and goes in to panic mode - IHOP, let's go to IHOP - so I had to make a quick turn, luckily at a light and no traffic (after all it is Wednesday night and most folks are in church during this time). We go to IHOP. I was thinking the crepe fest sounded good but changed my mind - had the country fried steak. So Benjamin orders a double BLT (lots of bacon made up like a club sandwich), and then decides to order an appetitizer of chicken tenders. Talk about yummy - they were so delish.

I told the waitress it was his birthday and he was an official teenager now - so after we eat she brings this humongous sundae out - with caramel and chocolate and lots of whipped cream (Benjamin has never really been a whipped cream lover - usually doesn't get it if he can avoid it) - so we both ate on the sundae.

We get to the mall at 8 p.m. I tell him he has 30 minutes to shop (he had a goal place to go and knew what he wanted). I was going to read while he was shopping, dozed off a couple of times but not anything lengthy. He pops out of the mall at 8:31 - talk about good shopping.

On the way back to get Hailie from her friend's, I look up and the moon is so full and pretty. Not a beautiful moon but a very nice one - clear sky, no clouds, no trees to obscure the view and just the brightness from the moon shining on us. So I pick on him about getting home and howling at the moon. He wasn't interested. He was more interested in the video games he had just purchased. Okay, so he wasn't howling at the moon, I did it for him while in the car at a red light. Thankfully all the windows were up and no one heard me - lol -

It was an overally enjoyable evening - spending time with my now teenage son.

heading to bed - see you all in the postings - E :)

First competition of the season but not a competition

The band went to Fort Mill for a Bands of America (now switching names to Music for All) fall preview. Basically this is a nonscored competition where the bands showcase their programs. I was a bit disappointed in the parent participation - this was not played up like the time we went to the Regional championships in Atlanta in the fall of 2005. Unfortunately none of the BOA regional competitions in Atlanta have fallen at a good time since then.

One of the teachers who attended the competition and probably is using the photography hobby to travel took pictures of the band. Okay his child was in the University's exhibition show which was pretty good.

So here are a few pics of my kids as close as possible to showcase our program this year - we are doing a civil war theme and there are 6 movements and there are several flag changes and lots of props. I'm only going to share a few of them - the man must have taken about 100 pics from the contest.
Check out the video above - enjoy - E :)


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finally some pics to share - Decatur book festival

I finally received some pictures of the characters with the eagle. These were taken Sunday - sorry none of Biscuit.

Benjamin had to be Maisey and he is the Toad on Frog and Toad - but Hailie isn't the Frog this day (this was a just doing it because he wanted to).

Hope you guys enjoy - E :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Suzy's Scribbles - Friday Show & Tell: My New Writing Workshop Blog!

Suzy's Scribbles - Friday Show & Tell: My New Writing Workshop Blog!

reaching for the stars - writing workshop for kids

So my friend Suzy over at Suzy's Scribbles has started another blog for young writers. The second blog is dedicated to using her workbook - Reaching for the Stars - to help children in the writing process. So here is her little add and you can always find her at the homeschooling blog --- give her a shout or try the writing lessons yourself and see what you come up with - I'm saving them in my files for my daughter so she can start writing some stories - E :) - can't get the video to work but it is on the first link - hope to see you all in the postings - and enjoy - E :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Half moon, sort of

I meant to post this the other night but I forgot and was on someone else's blog (viewing it - Copper Moon I believe) and it reminded me of the moon Tuesday night. On my way home from the writer's group meeting the moon was hanging low in the sky. It was an almost perfectly shaped half moon. But the more I stared at it and followed it home, the more I realized it was not exactly a half moon nor was it a crescent moon. But it was eerily beautiful. My calendar shows an open crescent, with the inside crescent facing to the left, for yesterday so not sure what phase the moon was in Tuesday night. Needless to say, at that time I wish I had had a camera so as to get a picture to post of the moon.

There have been several encounters with eery, beautiful moons over my lifetime. One time, coming over a bridge the moon was so large appearing it felt I could reach out and touch it on that bridge. It was also a wickedly strange orange color but it was absolutely beautiful. Again, I wish I'd had a camera to be able to show you.

So I ask you - what are some beautiful night skies you have experienced, either recently or from your past that have stuck with you? Share your moon stories, and if you happen to have some pictures of those gorgeous moons, share them as well. Would love to see some other experiences from around the world. The moon has to look different to those in Australia, right? - see you all in the postings - E :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Decatur Book Festival

Yes I know that was two weeks ago but I have been awaiting pictures of the kids dressed up as characters to come to me and have yet to receive them. So I decided I would just have to worry about posting pics later and go ahead and talk about the Decatur Book Festival.

I volunteered and since the kids had to be with me, I decided that they could work too. So after many contacts and all, we finally got everything situated. Of course my money situation didn't cooperate too much but we did get that worked out. Anyway - so we head down to Decatur on Saturday the 1st - drive about 3 hours and land in the parking garage that is basically just a couple of blocks from where the main events are.

The theme this year was "Where The Wild Things Are" and there were some readings and of a course a parade with Wild thing himself leading the way to the square where the kids activities center was set up.

Hailie and Benjamin made appearances Saturday as Frog and Toad - I took a picture of them on the cell phone but since bear doesn't have text messaging, I couldn't email it to myself to have on the computer to post here.

Saturday they were scheduled to be Biscuit the dog and Maisey the mouse. Well, Biscuit made his appearance (I missed seeing him because I was doing some volunteer duties). The guy from Eagle Eye Bookstore was walking around with the Eagle and snapping pictures on his cell phone but I think he also missed Biscuit. From what I understand, Biscuit was being guided back to the area and there was this little dog tied up to a metal chair and when Biscuit walked by, the dog decided to show how mighty he was - so he chased Biscuit, tied to the chair - and thereby was dragging the chair with him. Biscuit escaped.

Maisey was to appear after Biscuit but the outfit was too small for Hailie so Benjamin had to dress up again. The Eagle and his guide were snapping pictures and got some of Maisey. After a short break, Benjamin asked if he could do Frog and Toad again if someone else wanted to do them. So he came back as toad and the young lady who had been a rabbit (Max is what I heard her to be) came out as Frog. Eagle and more pictures.

I walked around some but didn't get to see some of the activities I wanted to do - because I didn't really know when they were or was busy doing my volunteer duties.

Sunday night when we came back to the hotel, of course it being the day before a holiday, we were kind of worn out. So after we ate and all and we finally laid our heads down to rest, the whole world kind of went crazy. The hotel we stayed in shared a parking lot of sorts with another (we stayed at the Super 8 on Chamblee-Tucker and right next to us was the Motel 6)- well someone must have thought they were in a private residence because they decided to blare the music right outside my room. Several other patrons hollered for them to shut up. I called the front desk and was told they couldn't do anything. So, what was left. I'm not from the area and needed some sleep so I could drive back. I called 911 and explained to the operator that it wasn't an emergency but that I wasn't from the area and didn't really know who to call due to the noise right outside my room from these partiers. She even asked if I wanted to speak to the officer when they got there - nope - I wanted to remain annonymous, or as much as possible. The partiers did get quiet but I heard them on the other side of the hotel - at least not at my door. Thank goodness.

Needless to say, we did get some sleep and left out that Monday morning fairly bright eyed and bushy tailed. On the way home, decided to stop at my sister-in-law's and see the girls (I knew my nephew was working and probably my brother too - they had recently moved to a hotel/suite/extended stay place due to the house they were going to rent being rented out from under them - and they are awaiting another place - supposed to be this weekend - but who knows). Anyway - the girls were swimming so the kids (since the hotel I thought we were staying actually had a pool and the one we ended up at did not and they didn't get to go swimming as promised) went swimming - we stayed there a bit and then finally made our way to the house. Of course that is when the whole rest of the month started - at home.

Mini vacations are fun but for someone like me who is out of shape and definitely in need of some exercise, that is too much like work. All in all it was a good weekend and the kids have said they would go back and do it again if they could so maybe next year we will be seen at the Decatur Book Festival as volunteers again and I'll have a real camera that I can load pictures to my computer with having to wait on others to send or post.

Until then - see you all in the postings - E :)

If you happen to be in the Atlanta area

Check out the planetarium show that begins on September 22 with this author's book as the guide.

I'm a member on Verla Kay's "blue boards" and the authors and illustrators there are all geared for children and young adults - they cover a variety of genres and categories - from the early picture books to chapter books, and middle graders to young adults and everything in between. Mara has been posting information about this program for about a month or so and seeing as I'm only about 3 hours from Atlanta - thought I'd help her out and post it on my blog - so if you are around the area - check it out -

Share the joy and wonder of a meteor shower with your
family--indoors! Join Jody and her dad on an exciting
nighttime adventure, in a brand-new planetarium show
based on the children's book PIECES OF ANOTHER WORLD.

The show runs September 22 through November 18. Author
Mara Rockliff will be signing books on opening day.
Fernbank Science Center, Saturday, Sept 22, 1:30 pm.

To read more about PIECES OF ANOTHER WORLD:

Saturday, September 08, 2007

How much is your body worth?

My friends find the weirdest fun quizzes to do and post on their blogs. I was visiting Chai's blog (rain-drop - but linked on the side as Chai's blog) and she had quite a few quizzes up that she had posted instead of studying (shame on her - only a week in to school and she is not studying already - have to fuss at her) - and she had this one about your body as a cadavar. So here is how much my body would be worth if I were to die now and my family decided to sell it for medical use (I'm a newly diagnosed diabetic, I'm very overweight and have poor eyesight, have had a hernia and it's been repaired with it only rupturing within months of the repair and I've had three kids - go figure) -- see what you are worth and post away - E :)

$5500.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth. From Mingle2 - Free Dating Site

Mingle2 - Free Dating Site

Sunday, September 02, 2007

weird leg things

All of us are fighting leg problems this weekend so far. It started Thursday night when after band practic Benjamin got run over by the pit cart because they didn't have the bungees to tie the instruments down and one of them starting falling off the cart and he jumped back to try to keep it on the cart and it was near the back and he was between two of the carts and got run over - not broken but this weekend the bruise has really come out.

Then Hailie shows me something with her ankle/foot - like a bit swollen and then she feels an Ace bandage would be helpful.

Then after sitting on this bed last night and posting on the blog and not moving too much - I went to get up and I had a serious leg cramp - all the way down to my ankle - It brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't move my leg for a long time (longer than the few minutes it normally takes for cramps to go away). It did go away and finally I got up but all night both my calves were kind of stiff and crampy but not quite to the cramp point.

So we are all suffering from leg problems but trying to make it through the weekend - got to run get ready for the volunteer work again - see you all in the postings - E :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Decatur Georgia book festival fun

So my kids and I are volunteers at the Decatur Book Festival this weekend and having some good times (I think - I'm a bit stiff from standing at the children's activities things but had fun. Did get sunburned but didn't realize it until I was back at the hotel.

There was a mini writer's conference today and I wanted to sit and listen to one of the panel discussions and it was pretty good. Funny as all get out - it was performed like a game show - should have been performed more like "To Tell The Truth" than "Hollywood Squares" because it resembled the first gameshow. I've seen both shows on gameshow network and felt a bit cheated that it was slated as a the second show. But the comraderie and info was interesting - the four paneists were Hollis Gillespie, John Warner (who is from Greenville which is only a few short miles from where we live, and daughter said she felt she knew from somewhere), Amanda Stern, and Jeffrey Stepakoff (who is known for writing TV shows - such as Dawson's Creek and others to his credit).

After leaving the workshop/panel discussion, the kids wanted to go to McDonald's for supper so I decided instead of eating near the festival we would find a McDonald's closer to the hotel (not that the hotel is really all that far from festival). So we came back up to the hotel road and then explored a little bit. We finally found the McDonald's. While sitting there enjoying our meal, we figured out we were the minority - the whole community was Spanish speaking with a few Chinese or Oriental speaking. We seemed to be the only ones speaking English -

So heading back to the hotel, we saw this SUV that was red and white and had a taxi sign on it - so I commented about how that was a taxi - something I've never seen before. Then Benjamin says - "I saw this one Mexican Taxi and you want to know how I know it was Mexican?" and Hailie responds, "What did it say Taxeye on it?" - now we just rolled in the laughter here because he suddenly realized taxi (pronounced as a long I) that that's how it was spelled anyway - so we were laughing hard by now. We get to the red light to turn on the road to the hotel and then Benjamin goes, "look to your right, look to your right" and there was this van with Spanish writing on it and so Hailie turns and looks and says, "It looks like he's staring at us." So I turn to the right and look over and the man driving the van, nods and then waves at us - it was like he knew what the hell we were laughing about - and when she said he was staring at us - it was like he knew what she said - - so we broke out into the laughter some more - and laughed almost all the way to hotel (which wasn't really too far from that turn) -

So having fun at the festival so far and enjoying some fun time with the kids - see you all in the postings - E :)