Saturday, February 18, 2012


Here is a cautionary tale for all you folks who order anything from a company online. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM MCBUB - I ordered two tablets in November and received them a few days before Christmas. Daughter and I opened the package and started checking out the tablets to see if we could get my Square app to download on the tablet (that was the whole reason for ordering the tablet in the first place, it is android based and should have been compatible with the app). Daughter's tablet turned on and worked well for the most part. Mine did not - showed a green light like it was on but the screen never would come on. I tried charging it and when I had it on the charger, the light was red and then went to blue but still no screen - couldn't see anything but black. After a couple of hours trying to get it to work, I gave up. I was instructed to send it back. (according to their website, you have three days to return a faulty item.) I did get the instructions and shipping address and whatever was needed to send the package back (it only took a day to get the info in email). Package was received on December 20th; return info received on the 21st and printed out return form and address immediately; went to the post office on December 22(payday for me) to send the package. They told me that it should take about 2 or 3 weeks for the company to receive the package, had to send it air mail ($15) and I did not put a signed receipt or insurance or anything on the package (would have cost me a bunch more than I could afford for all that). I filled out the customs form as instructed, wrapped the package in extremely high amounts of bubble wrap and the post office worker liked the package I had received it in originally so we put my bubble wrapped pcakge inside the original bubble wrapped package and sealed it up and put the label on the package. It left my town that afternoon. Grant it a couple of days before the Christmas Holiday, I knew to give it a couple of days to get to its destination of wherever the United States Customs was.

About three weeks after sending the package, I hadn't heard anything so emailed the company trying to find out where my refund was. They informed me they had not received the package in their warehouse at the time. Fine, I waited another week and sent another email. I was informed to track it and find out where it was held up on my end - like it really would be hung up for 3 weeks on my end especially when I was told it had to be returned within 3 days in order to receive my refund.

So, I did track it from the customs form number and it showed that my package went through the usual stops before getting to customs in Jamaica, NY and was sent out on the 28th of December from customs. I sent the information to the company and got an email back saying it still was not in China - now near the end of January (over 3-1/2 weeks from leaving NY) or in their warehouse and had not been checked in their computer system. Of course that email had to sit and wait for a response since it was the Chinese New Year and they take a whole week off for their New Year - literally - the automated response said they closed their offices for a whole week.

So I resent that email the week after just to make sure they had gotten the first email (we are now talking about the very end of January/first part of February). Again, I was told they had not received the package and that as soon as they did I would receive my refund. Every week I've sent an email asking where my refund is. I keep explaining to them that once it leaves the United States customs there is no way to track it on my end. They need to go to their customs workers and find the stupid package. Each week I get the same response - it is not in our warehouse, nor has it been checked into our database or it's still in NY - it is almost 7-1/2 weeks since it actually left NY and made its trek overseas. So where is my $84 refund? - Still not in my account as it should be. Where is my package? no telling.

All I can say is if you are thinking of ordering anything from McBub think twice just in case you have to return it for a refund. I will never order anything from an overseas company again especially now with this headache of waiting for them to receive a returned package and holding up my money. Honestly, I believe it's there but they keep saying it's not so they don't have to refund my money. I've no other course of action but to blacklist the company for poor business dealings.

WARNING - DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM MCBUB ONLINE. If you do, expect poor materials and poor business dealings.

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