Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Write From the Heart: LINE UP THE TIMELINE

apparently I posted this on the wrong blog but it's not all bad as her overall ranking from yesterday was 611,831 and this morning when I checked it she was down to 3740 and was ranked #33 in the romantic suspense category - this is an interesting article my friend, Faye, wrote concerning keeping up with the timeline in your story for the reader's sake. Stop on over and leave a comment.

Faye's book To Tell The Truth is available on Kindle to download for free today (February 8) through Friday (February 10). If you like a little bit of romance with your suspense, this is the book for you. You can find her book here (and an update is that she went from #33 to #26 since 9 AM this morning in just 3 hours; her sellers rank from 3740 to 1302 - woohooo - she will do well this week).

An aside - "Bride-and-Seek" went up Sunday morning as a kindle only download and is doing okay so far. I'll post the results the end of the week during my This and That posting - E :)

Write From the Heart: LINE UP THE TIMELINE: When writing my book, To Tell the Truth, there was one of many elements I forgot to include. It was the hardest for me to correct, my effort...

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