Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crocheted bookworms pattern

I posted the pictures of the latest colors on my plurk network which also goes to my FB page and my twitter account. I've had two comments on my FB page requesting the pattern to make these. Although I cannot take credit for this pattern and for the life of me cannot find it online, I'll just give you the instructions that I've memorized (after doing well over 100 or more of these cuties, I definitely have no need to use a pattern). This is a very easy and quick to make up pattern. There are only two stitches used (if you don't count the slip knot to start and the finish off stitch) and can be done in solid colors and varigated yarns. I love doing the varigated colors because it pretty much guarantees that no two worms come out the same.

Scrap yarn or if you are making a bunch for gifts - a 5 ounce skein will yield about 15 worms and 7 ounce skein will probably yield about 20 worms.
Hook (sized to your yarn - I use a G hook for mine)
Wiggly eyes

Slip stitch
Double crochet (DC)

Chain 20.
2 DC in the 4th chain from hook
3 DC in each chain to the end.
Chain as many as you want the marker part to be (sized to the books you are using them for) and add 15 more chains.
2 DC in the 4th chain from the hook
3 DC in the next 9 chains.
Finish off.

Glue some wiggly eyes on the "head" part which is the bigger of the two twisty parts. Let dry and use to mark your place when reading.

Have fun with them - make them with whatever scrap yarn you have lying around or use varigated yarns to make some fun and unique worms.

E :)


Janice D. Green said...

Thanks for the directions to this. It looks so cool that I'm going to have to try to make one.

Sanityzovrtd said...

These look like the. Bookworms would be awesome for my sons DI class :)

Sanityzovrtd said...

These look like the bookworms would be awesome for my son's special needs class (minus the googly eyes). I'll probably sew buttons or a French knot :D

elysabeth said...

I'll be happy to sell you a variety of them at a slightly reduced price than listed on my website unless you know how to crochet,then you can make some. They don't take that long to make. Just email me at if you are interested in picking up some already made up. E :-)

elysabeth said...

I would recommend not even sewing buttons or making french knots - just crochet them up. No one says they need eyes but the wiggly eyes do make them so cute. There are some pictures on my website of the worms without the eyes (took them before I actually glued the eyes on them) so they are fine without eyes. There isn't a lot of room at the top to sew buttons on and the french knots aren't worth it on the crocheted items - E :)