Sunday, May 06, 2012

This and That

On the sales front for the week ending May 5, one copy of "The Proposal" sold and when I looked at my month-to-date report, I'm showing 2 copies have sold, so that means there was a purchase this morning sometime. This is in the US. No other sales are showing in the past six weeks.

I meant to do a quarterly update last month but forgot, so numbers for the first quarter of 2012 are as follows:

State of Wilderness 1
State of Quarries 0
State of Rservations 0
State of Successes 10 - these were all at the SCASL event
State of Heights 0
State of Nature 0

Passport Across America 0 (I don't promote this since it's not really a book but a travel companion)

"The Proposal" 5 476
"The Tulip Kiss" 3 378
"Bride-and-Seek" 11 366
Finally Home 2 N/A

From my numbers in April and May so far, it looks like "The Proposal" is my most popular ebook, but that can change at any time. For the first quarter, although I had more actual purchases of "Bride-and-Seek", "The Proposal" is still the most popular book. Those purchase and download numbers are total to include in the US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT.

There isn't much else to report on the writing or sales front this week, other than "Train of Clues" is in the final revision so hopefully it will be available again all corrected and prettied up for you all. Hopefully, Heather is working on a cover for "Butterfly Halves" which tentatively will be available by the end of this month or first part of next month. I decided that the cover for "Bride-and-Seek" needed something to it or a total revamp and so Faye Tollison and I brainstormed a bit and came up with a great idea for the cover (well, Faye came up with the idea and I like it), so that is waiting for Heather's magic.

Tomorrow's posting is a reflection of last week's Sisters in Crime meeting with some information about domestic violence. There will be the WWYWWQ posting this Wednesday and Thursday, I'm still up in the air what the posting will be about. Next Saturday I'll be at the Fairplay SC Welcome Center for a couple of hours promoting my books and the authors of the SC Author Connection. I'm thinking I need to reprint some travel booklets to hand out again this year but I won't have any crayons to go along with it, maybe.

Until next week, see you all in the postings - E :)

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Susanne Drazic said...

Hi Elysabeth! Is the Passport Across America for sale or do you give it for free with a book purchase?