Monday, May 21, 2012

SC Book Festival Day #2

Ann Eisenstein joined our group today. It was nice having someone I know to talk to. She kept me on my feet that is for sure.

The festival was only 12 to 4 today, so a short day. Sarah sold a few books (again, don't know her numbers since she left in such a hurry and didn't even help break down the booth completely). Ann sold either 3 or 4 books (she believes she sold 3, I think she sold 4, but she had to leave to go take care of an Alzheimer's patient and didn't do inventory before leaving).

I sold a bookworm to the guy next to me before the crowds graced our hall today and then had a lady who bought 30 bookworms all at once for a baby shower in July that is "book" themed and she said they would make perfect gifts. I sold 3 more after that for a total of 34 today and 25 yesterday for a grand total of 59 bookworms sold over the weekend. I also sold a copy of State of Wilderness today so yay!!!, someone will be reading one of my state books.

Totally exhausted when I got home but I survived. - See you all in the postings - E :)


Susanne Drazic said...

Wow, the bookworms were a big hit. Glad to hear that. Also great that you sold a state book.

elysabeth said...

Technically, these sales occurred on Sunday and are part of the week ending 05/26, not 05/19. But I did sell a good many bookworms. Probably close to or a little more than half of what I had in the bowl. The bowl still looks pretty full to me - lol. I'm working on a new project which I hope to share with my readers later this week, just in time for vacations and using those ereaders when you travel. More probably Thursday - thanks for stopping by - E :)