Saturday, May 05, 2012

Government Ranting (soapbox time)

This morning I received an email from my father which had a video attached to it. The video is an explanation of the Healthcare reform bill 3200 that is needing to be passed.

We all know what the HR 3200 Bill is right? Maybe we just think we do. Yes, we do need some healthcare reform in this country but at the expense of the citizens of the country itself? Literally at our own life expense.

I've not been paying attention to what the healthcare reform was all about but after watching this video and seeing some key points explained, I'm totally outraged that the government is trying to take over our entire life. Did you know that this healthcare bill allows the government to decide how you will die? How much funding for healthcare you receive a year? That they will have access to your personal bank accounts and will control many other aspects of your medical care?

I'm outraged that there is a bill that is at least 500 pages long for healthcare reform, and that we are supposed to be able to read said 500 pages and really understand what it all means for us in the long run. (I finally found a text of the bill and guess what, it's not 500 pages but 974 pages long. I tried reading some of the lingo in the bill and couldn't make heads or tails of much of what I was reading and it sounded very contradictory to a previous paragraph; the language is very difficult to understand. Understand that the bill was originally written in 2009 and has been revised and amended and changed so the video probably doesn't agree with the exact pages any more.) I'm outraged that the elderly and the special needs groups will be targeted the most since they are apparently not the best groups representative of society. I'm outraged that the government will be mandating our lives through this healthcare reform. It sounds like we are moving from a democracy to a communist state in one fell swoop.

What can you do to prevent this from happening? Watch the video, have a better grasp on what the healthcare reform entails and contact your representatives and tell them not to sign the bill. This is an election year and if the government officials that we elect are smart, they will listen to their constituents and do as they request. Remember the push of a button or the checking of a box can put them out of office if they are unwilling to listen to the American People; the very people who put them in office in the first place; the very people who have the power to remove them from office by putting someone else in their place with the hopes that the newly elected officials will listen and do the right thing.

The video is about 10-1/2 minutes in length but it is worth watching the whole thing - see you in the postings - E :)

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