Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Product

While at the SC Book Festival this past weekend, an idea for something new came about due to having my sample pieces for the colors for my afghans. Someone asked what they were, "kindle covers?" and I wasn't really thinking Saturday or Sunday due to other things on my mind. While working Monday after trying to recoup from the weekend, I started thinking about the kindle cover comment. I looked up some patterns for crocheted kindle cases or covers and wasn't really liking any that I found. Since I've been using this alternating V-shell stitch for my afghans, and really liking that pattern due to its simplicity and quickness, I decided to make my own pattern using what I was currently working with. The result is a rather quick kindle or nook cover. Using the same colors as what I was going to make my afghans up, I made several. I've not sewn the Aspen one together so don't have a picture of it. I'm totally out of Monet yarn but as soon as I get some of that color, I'll make up a couple and go from there. The only thing missing from the completed ones is the button.

Colors available right now are the Marrakesh, Melonberry, Woodsy, Aspen, and one of the Bonbon Print (that was the last part of a skein that my daughter had on hand and it worked out to be enough to make one case), Primary and Old Glory (red/white/blue varigated).

My problem is not knowing how much to sell them for. So dear readers, how much would you pay for these carrying cases for your Kindle 3 or Nook (don't know which generation it is but it is basically the same size as the Kindle 3)? Leave a comment with how much you would pay and I'll do a random drawing next Wednesday from all the commenters to win a case in your choice of colors. The majority will determine the price at which I will sell these. I'm leaning somewhere between $7.50 and $10.00, and if you would pay more, great but really I'll go by the majority of comments for same price. I won't publish the comments until Wednesday afternoon so as not to sway anyone's opinion.

Price comments will be taken today, Thursday, May 24, through Tuesday, May 29, 11:59 PM. Don't forget to leave your comment on this posting and be entered to win a carrying case for your kindle or nook.

Here are the colors completed without the buttons.

Marrakesh - this was my first one and I've adjusted the flap a bit since making this one. I started doing a shorter flap and liked it better so ripped out 3 rows on this one but didn't take more pictures of it - the shorter flap works great, now to just find the buttons to add

Marrakesh with the flap opened and my kindle showing so you can see how it sits inside.

Each case has a decent length of chain stitches to make a carrying strap. If you don't want to use the strap, it tucks right inside the case without a problem.

Bonbon print (this is the only one of this color since I am out of yarn, so until I can replace yarn, once this one sells, there won't be any more of this color for a while)

Bonbon print


Woodsy #2

I have the melonberry completed and the Aspen completed but haven't taken pictures of the Aspen one yet; I've not yet done the primary or Old Glory ones, but you can see all the sample colors on my website under the gifts tab. They are all the same as the bookworms and afghans. For now, I'll complete the afghans started (primary and melonberry) and then will work on adding more afghans later towards the fall events.

Remember to leave a comment and tell me what you would pay for these crocheted kindle or nook cases. Comments are moderated and will not show up until Wednesday when the poll ends and the majority price wins out. Leave your comment and be entered in the drawing to win one of these kindle cases. See you all in the postings - E :)

UPDATE (05/28/2012): I was at Walmart the other night or morning (it was after 3 something in the morning) and they had a couple of skeins of the Monet color, so I picked up one skein to make the kindle covers. I have now completed all the colors available right now to include primary, Old Glory, Monet, Woodsy, Marrakesh, Melonberry, bonbon print, and Aspen. I'm still looking for some buttons to go on them. There is a fabric place that is opened once a month for three days and it happens to be opened the weekend that I will be going to that town. I hope to find some fabric for my "Ma America" costume and buttons and yarn to continue making the afghans and the kindle covers. More when I see what the offerings are. E :)


Faye Tollison said...

Hi, Elysabeth, I think this is a great idea. I'd suggest around $7-$8 for them.

Have a great day!
Faye M. Tollison
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Susanne Drazic said...

Just Retweeted and posted to Facebook.

I'll go with a price range of $7.00 to $10.00 plus whatever shipping and handling costs will be.