Friday, January 18, 2013

YA Authors You've Never Heard Of: The Accidental Series

I feel that Ophelia and I are in the same boat of sorts.  Stop over and read the full posting and leave a comment to help her out with making her novel Haunted a continuing series.  From the description on amazon, I have a feeling once the ideas start coming  that she won't be able to stop this from being a series.

(DESCRIPTION FROM AMAZON:  Staff ghost story night happens every Thursday at the Poet's Corner Bookstore, but this Thursday will change Cassie's life in waysshe could never have imagined.  When Michael Penfield walks into the store as the new hire, Cassie is surprised to see her friend from childhood.  But Michael has changed since the last time she saw him, from his completely serious demeanor to the scar that mars his face and neck.  Cassie, still reeling from the death of her boyfriend, Daniel, has concerns of her own.  That night, Michael tells a ghost story from the earlier years he shared with Cassie, and both of them are soon involved with phantoms from the past, the haunted house whee Cassie lives, a horrific murder from thirty years ago, even the story Michael has never shared with another living soul.

Not everyone is haunted, but everyone has a ghost story.) -- I particularly think this tag line can lead to some interesting ghost stories to continue her originally planned stand-alone into a series, and the first three reviews are asking for a second one - so let Ophelia know what ideas you might have for the second and following books in this series. - E :)

YA Authors You've Never Heard Of: The Accidental Series: Last summer, I decided to try my hand at writing a series. The decision had been a long time coming. Editors and publishers frequen...

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