Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bookworm Colors and Writing Contest Update

So this morning, I made the trip to Laurens to hit up that Walmart searching for more colors for my bookworms.  I couldn't find the Melonberry (1 bookworm available) or Ocean (14 bookworms available), so looks like when those two colors are sold out then there won't be any more, unless I happen to print off the coupons from Hobby Lobby and can find them there or order directly through Red Heart with no discount, which I'd rather not do. 

At the end of this week, I will hold a quick guessing contest for the bookworms plus a signed copy of a book -so stay tuned for that.

Just a reminder that the Writing Contest for synopses for my characters from Finally Home  is still going on and is open to all students in grade 4 and up.  I had thought of just leaving it opened to upper elementary/middle schoolers, but I've decided to let high schoolers enter as well.  I've also extended the contest to the 5th of February, so that I can make my rounds on the 7th in the local area to collect any submissions (yes payday so I can have gas enough to run around and gather all the entries) and be able to mail out prepaid envelopes to everyone else.  Hoping to see lots of new ideas and lots more stories in the Kelly Watson series.  Good luck to everyone - looking forward to seeing what your students come up with. - Keep on writing and see you all in the postings - Mrs. E :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time finding some of the yarn colors for your bookworms. Have you thought of talking to someone at Walmart about ordering the colors for you? Then you should still get it for the price the store sells it for. I'm wondering if you are having a hard time finding some of the colors because they are being discontinued?

elysabeth said...

It's all good. I'll make due with the colors I can get and not worry about the others. Of course, if I happen to find them, I'll pick them up. As long as I keep at least 10 or so colors available I feel I should be okay. They still seem to be my bestsellers at events. When I travel to Columbia I'll stop at the Walmart on the way in to check out their yarn choices. If I get desparate enough I'll ask Walmart to carry the colors; if not, I'll just have a rotation of colors as I acquire them. - E :)