Monday, March 11, 2013

This and That

I haven't really posted a This and That posting in a while - mostly because I haven't had many sales and I've kind of been doing other things, trying to get my writing back on track.

Imagine my surprise when I was looking at my createspace dashboard, just kind of thinking of how many of each book I needed to order and noticed on my royalty bar at the top that I had some royalties from March.  The month is still young but to see 4 books sold off amazon on the same day, something big is coming my way - lol.  This was one of each of the four state books I've published.  Of course, I wouldn't know if the other two sold or not since the second book is actually out of contract and hasn't been republished yet and the third is still under contract for a couple more months with 4RV and I don't know when books are ordered from amazon.  I guess I should check with Vivian to  see if there had been an order for Reservations from Amazon or if she is aware of any sales. 

I also hope to get some more books written in the near future.  I'm anxious to get back to writing the state books.  I've got a campaign going on IndieGoGo to try to raise money to pay Heather so that I can get the state stories going again.  I'd really like to complete the series.  If you  are interested in helping fund my campaign, you can find it here and please pass the word on to your friends.  Ten days into the campaign and no funds yet.  Don't let the number scare you since the campaign is long-term -it will be used to fund the complete series plus allow me to do a few more events in addition to print the books as needed.  I do hope that some funds will come in so that I can at least get book 2 republished and work on book 3.  Paying Heather is the biggest expense for me to get the books published.  I wish I would see thousand print runs for each of the title at a time. That would at least verify me as an author and having a useful tool for classrooms. 

Check out the Writers on the Move blog tomorrow for an followup on ACX and my experience.  For now, signing off and will see you all in the postings.  E :)


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I daily check my Kindle sales -- cause I am a struggling writer! :-)

It does make your day when multiple sales come within 24 hours, doesn't it?

As for putting your state book into audio, I believe your instincts will seldom lead you wrong. Have even more sales tomorrow, Roland

elysabeth said...


I keep hoping to have multiple sales every day but that isn't the case. I've claimed all my books, including the state books, on ACX but haven't moved forward yet as I haven't had a chance to do so since I've been busy with work and other things. I will probably do some contact emails this weekend for auditions for my short stories and then go from there. I'd love to see my state stories in the schools - either print or audio - works for me but for now, one step at a time - E :)