Saturday, January 28, 2012

This and That - weekly report

It's the end of the month, well almost. Reporting on this week's goals and activities.

If you missed it, I started my introduction to Sybil Nelson with a book review yesterday.

Followers haven't increased even offering free ebooks of Finally Home, "The Tulip Kiss" and "The Proposal" - your choice of the novel or two short stories.

Sales have been zero across the board - no kindle sales, no createspace sales, no smashword sales and no nook sales.

Since it's pretty close to the end of the month, looking back at my goals and what I've met and not, I've not been successful in most items. The one thing I've accomplished is posting more often than previously, although I have neglected my JGDS series a bit. I've tried giving away ebooks for reviews and I've tried to gain more followers by offering my ebooks to anyone who follows the blog when I reach 150; I'm still at 91.

Imogene: Innocense Lost hasn't progressed although it really has been calling to me to get more written. I've wasted my "free" time playing spider solitaire and watching TV, which seems to be par for the course most every weekend. No desire to work, no desire to write, no desire to do much of everything. I hope this slump I'm in will change once the weather warms up.

I'm almost finished putting the granny square afghan together for the drawing associated with my JGDS series, which will be held in December. For details and some pics of the granny squares, you can check out the JGDS blog. I hope to finish it this week so it will be ready for my first event the middle of February.

Monday I'm introducing the SC Author Connection group. Wednesday's weekly young writers writing question is from a student in Mr. Hughes' class. Thursday I'll post on motivation and inspiration, a followup from a posting by Kim on the YA Authors You've Never Heard of blog. Friday will be a review of the Priscilla the Great series (all three will be reviewed under one review. Happy writing and see you all in the postings - E :)

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Susanne Drazic said...

Sorry to hear you are in a bit of a slump. I'm sure the weather has a part to play in that. I know it does for me this time of year. Looking forward to warmer, sunnier weather.