Saturday, January 21, 2012

This and That - end of week report

So here it is the end of the third week of January and sales have been nil across the board, although I do think I had one view this week of one of the books on smashwords. I don't know what else to do to increase sales. You would think with 9 titles available and one almost available (which by the way will only be available for the Kindle when I do get it published) that I would have some sales. I'm trying to put myself out there and advertise my blog postings and my websites. (UPDATE 01/24/2012: When checking through all the kindle sites for the month-to-date reports this afternoon, I found a copy of "The Proposal" sold in the UK on the 21st, which would have been when this posting originally went up. So that makes 1 sale for the week ending 01/21/2012. - nothing to brag about really but a sale is a sale.) -

I went to the food bank Thursday and ended up spending over an hour there talking with one of the ladies whom I've known a long time but have lost contact with and found out she is now homeschooling her daughter and that she belongs to the Homeschooling Association in our county seat. I handed her a pack of bookmarks to pass out the information to the association members and we talked about possibly doing a workshop for the kids or even having me do a 6-week co-op instruction thing. Fingers crossed that something comes of that.

On the state story side, I'm doing my afghan drawing again this year; see my JGDS blog for more info about that. I have completed 54 granny squares for that and will be spending the week putting them together. I'm also working on finishing up daughter's afghan that I started before Christmas so those two projects are going; I'm kind of shifting between them but will probably work more on daughter's now since i still have 8 squares to crochet and then put them together. I may need to get some more yarn to make another row so her lap throw will be 6 squares per row by 5 rows - I'll have to decide when I get the 4th row completed.

When I finish the red/white/blue granny square afghan and I've finished daughter's, then with my left over red/white and blue yarn, I'll finish the round ripple afghan which will be for the drawing next year, and I'll do a varigated red/white/blue Alternating V Shell afghan. I'll be collecting my yarn throughout the year to make that one since it is only available at Hobby Lobby and is rather on the expensive side (at $3.99 per skein, not something I can afford) and I will have to get several skeins every other payday using their 40% off coupon and making several trips to town to get the yarn. I'll also have to pass funds to daughter and every time she goes have her pick up a couple of skeins too. The pattern says roughly 3 pounds of worsted yarn (the skeins are 5 ounces each) so if I've calculated corrected, hopefully I can get by with 8 skeins which is only 40 ounces, which is 1/2 pound shy. I will end it with just 8 skeins.

So that's what's been happening this week. Hopefully I'll start seeing some incline in my sales over the weeks. If anyone has any input as to how to increase my sales, I'm open to suggestions. Leave a comment and tell me something you'd like to see me doing that might help me boost sales - thanks all - E :)

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