Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Createspace announcement

No, they are not going belly up. No they are not changing names.

I received an email today regarding the Pro Advantage plan on createspace. For those of you who are published with createspace already, you probably received the same announcement. For those of you considering publishing with createspace, some good news for everyone. The Pro Advantage plan has been discontinued, but not to fret you still have the ability to get your books listed in the expanded distribution.

What this means for authors publishing using createspace is what we were paying for books under the pro advantage plan is now the same for every one, which in turn means higher royalties on our sales. The pro advantage allowed us to list our books with Ingrams (bookstores), Baker & Taylor (schools and libraries) and Createspace direct distribution. It would cost us $39 each for the titles we listed with the pro advantage, with a renewal of $5 per year to keep the title active. Now, the expanded distribution is only $25 and from what I'm reading, this is a 1-time payment on each title to get the same distribution as what the pro advantage gave us.

This makes me a happy camper because I have a short book that I just wasn't too thrilled with ordering too many copies at once because it wasn't cost effective and realistically for the cost to print the book and what I'm retailing it for, I wasn't making very much royalty wise. Now that the pro advantage is gone, the book will cost me the same as my state books to print and I can leave it listed through amazon and my createspace store and not have to worry about paying that $39 to have expanded distribution. I won't feel so bad about ordering copies of that book to have on hand now. Doing a happy dance over here for this new announcement - :)

Keep on writing, see you in the postings - E :)


Faye Tollison said...

Yes, I received a letter and was a bit taken back by it, but after thinking on it, I realized it was a good thing. Good explanation of what is going on with Createspace, Elysabeth. I also put my book in their Lending Library and seem to be making a little more money. Hope time will increase this amount. :)

Faye M. Tollison
Author of: To Tell the Truth
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elysabeth said...

Glad I could help explain things a bit. It's really great news, since now instead of paying that $39 fee to upgrade and get lower costs on our books, we don't have to pay that fee and we still get the lower cost for us to print our books and earn the same royalties as if we had paid that $39 fee. Now we only have to pay the 1-time fee of $25 to get our books in the expanded distribution, no renewing or anything. You can change that status any time - so if you don't choose the expanded distribution when you publish your book, you can do so at a later time; and on the reverse side of that, before you publish your book, you can opt to get the expanded distribution when you set up your title (for me this works out differently for eacht title since sometimes I have the fee to pay when I put the basic information in and sometimes I don't.

Thanks for stopping by - chat soon - E :)

Susanne Drazic said...

That sounds like really good news for everyone who has published through Createspace. Thanks for sharing this information, Elysabeth.

elysabeth said...

Thanks, Susanne. I'm pleased since now I can make the same royalties and pay the same for my short book as well as my state stories without having to list that book in the distribution outlets (i.e., pay that extra money to get the discounted printing price and earn more royalties) - so doing the happy dance about that. E ;)