Tuesday, October 30, 2007

some conference tidbits and - oh yeah, I won again!!!

I knew there was more to the conference than I had posted - here is a funny thing - we were at the beach and it rained all weekend - or it was cloudy and kind of cool but not cold. Sunday morning woke up and it was frigid but sunny. Finally got some heat from the sun on the way home and away from the beach. Apparently all the computers and clocks in the hotel were set to automatically change for daylight savings time this past weekend (my alarm was set for 6:30 and I heard my roommate in the shower thinking she was up pretty early and when I looked at the clock it said 6:10 and so I thought - I've got a bit of time, but then another of the roommate's cell phone was going off - so I went to get my cell phone to check on the time and it was really 7:10 - omg - I had overslept due to the clocks automatically setting back and no one who had an early wake up call received their call like they should have. Someone forgot to tell the Hiltons that daylight savings time didn't go into effect this past weekend. So we were all rushed but the day turned out pretty good for the most part.

We had to pay $10 a day for internet usage and then it wasn't even wireless (I was on the 19th floor of the Royale Palms which is a part of the Hilton but just condo like hotel of the same property) and we couldn't even pick up wireless connection - the only place you could pick up wireless was in the lobby and at best it was sketchy. Okay so no wireless in the rooms and we had to share the connection - which was ethernet and it was in the kitchen of all places - not very comfortable - if they are going to use ethernet connections - why not put in each bedroom and/or in the living area of the condo area - but I should have been able to pick up wireless with my built in wireless and I did but it was only one bar when someone else was connected on the ethernet cable and I was sitting in the dining room and she was right there at the kitchen counter hooked up. I think it was stupid but I never got my wireless to work. So goes life - one of the reasons I didn't really check in much this past weekend.

When I did get to check my emails and sort through the tons of things I found out I won another prize - I won a copy of Linas Alsenas' book Peanut on A Wrung Sponge's blog featuring Linas's snowflake last week. I seem to be on a winning streak lately - first the drawing of the goody basket - the mine, mine, mine one featured on Spider and Fly blog from Sheri Goad, and now the book Peanut just from leaving a comment on a blog. Guess you never know.

Next posting will be a small contest for the Fall Ya'll Blogging contest board and I'm still working on what to offer as a prize. So be on the look out for a small contest to come soon - E :)


Cidermaker said...

Hope the winning streak continues, the you will be a NaNo winner!

Janelle Dakota said...

Sounds like a crazy time, but fun. I'm so glad you got to go!