Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthdays and fun stuff

This past weekend was a busy one and I had to miss out Hailie's 15th b-day. I had to leave Thursday afternoon to head to Myrtle Beach for the SCWW writers' conference volunteers' meeting. (see next posting for complete details) I had stopped at Fred's here in town to see about getting a cell phone due to the fact that Bear wouldn't lend me his phone. I knew that the Wal-Mart in Laurens was a bit out of the way but it was okay to get to and get back to the meeting place for my ride (I don't drive long distances and definitely not somewhere I'm not familiar with). Anyway, I picked up a Gophone for the weekend's usage since I knew I would need it for staying in touch with the coordinators and whoever would call me (aka - one of my roommates used me a lot this weekend due to Sandra's phone not ringing and her answering her calls) but it was fine. I didn't mind.

So Friday was Hailie's 15th b-day and I had to call her while I was working which was fun because I was sitting in the bookstore that we had created for the authors to sell their books. We also had some individual publishers/presses selling their authors' books. So in the process of manning the booth, I found this delightful series of tween books - the Shandon Ivy League series - a series of stories written from the animals points of view - where the pets are the ones solving the mysteries (what a unique idea). Anyway about 3:30 I called bear's phone - figuring he was already picking up Hailie from school and she would answer but as it so happened he was at the high school but was in line waiting to ease up to get her and so I had a couple of minutes before she got in the car. So she gets in the car and he hands her the phone and I ask her if she would be interested in these books - at first she said no, probably not and then when I explained they were on the same level as the Bitsy books, she said yeah, probably she would read them. So I purchased all three - and the author autographed them for me to her - since it was her birthday. Ivy even has her own printed stamp - a paw print for signing the books with. The display was really cute and too bad I didn't have a camera phone or something to take pictures with.

So after wishing her happy birthday, asking about the books, and all - she headed to CVS to get some things for secret sister (colorguard thing) and to spend her money on her birthday stuff. I'm still not sure what all she got except last night she did get her $40 from her grandmother and bear gave her another $20 to get an MP3 player. So we headed over to Fred's because she wanted some shoes and they had the MP3 player for half the cost of what bear paid for Benjamin's at CVS - so I have a feeling that Benjamin will be taking his back because it has less memory than Hailie's does and it doesn't have a USB port to hook directly to the computer to download from.

Okay - so it sounds like she had a good birthday - even though I don't know what all she got or spent her money on - on the low side - our football team did lose the game Friday night - but they had a good time because the band competition the next day was worth it - see next posting - E :)

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