Sunday, October 14, 2007

Robert's Snow - Snowflakes for auction - week one

Support a good cause and check out the following featured artists snowflakes

Monday, October 15

Tuesday, October 16

Wednesday, October 17

Thursday, October 18

Friday, October 19

Saturday, October 20

Sunday, October 21

Please take time out to visit all of these blogs, and read about these fabulous illustrators. And, if you're so inclined, think about bidding for a snowflake in the Robert's Snow auction. Each snowflake makes a unique gift (for yourself or for someone else), and supports an important cause.

UPDATE: Blogging starts on October 15, and already today (just past 1 p.m. Eastern time), there have been 169 postings on the snowflakes. Don't forget to stop by and check out the bloggers who are featuring the illustrators every day. Also check out Robert's Snow link above to check out all the snowflakes in the auction area. They really are beautiful; too bad I can't afford any because I love snowflakes but maybe another day. I've checked out the snowflakes and a couple of the bloggers who have posted their interviews, information or the snowflakes themselves and they are very cool, very intricate for small wooden snowflake shapes. Some are 3D and some have that look of 3D but all are gorgeous and are for a good cause. So help find a cure and support the Snowflakes For Cure auction.

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