Monday, October 01, 2007

First Band Competition

Saturday was the first band competition of the season and we did very good. I used Hailie's digital camera to video record the program but I don't know how to edit it. It is lengthy - over 15 minutes because I got them coming on to the field and the whole show.

We were all shocked at the end about who took grand champion in the gold division (the group we were in - 3As and 4As are in the gold and 1As and 2As are in the silver). From what we heard after the competition, the scores were not very high at all (SCBDA has changed the scoring system and therefore making it harder for the bands to score superior. All the 3A and 4A bands scored excellent.) BHP's score was an 83.5; the overall gold champion only scored an 84. We did take best horn line, best drum line and 1st place in the 3A division.

So way to go BHP band.

On the way home, one of the buses (the first bus) hit a deer. Some of the guys actually went back and picked up the deer - guess they are hunters and took it home to clean it and use the meat. The deer wasn't that big really so may not make good meat. So the three trophies from the competition and a deer came back to the school - lol.

Here is a pic of Benjamin and our solo piccolo player (she's my adopted second daughter; such a sweetheart - always comes up to give me a hug when she can and just likes me lol - she's a good kid) and the deer.

The other one is the 1st place trophy with the person who substitutes for the drum major if she isn't there. These were taken by Hailie after I had done the video. The video won't load but will play around with it and maybe make it shorter - two pieces and see if I can get them to load. enjoy - E :)

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Yvonne Perry said...

Boy, does this bring back memories. Fortunately, I've never hit a deer with a vehicle, but I was in Norcross High School Blue Devil Marching Band in my younger years. I remember the contests and how it felt to get a superior rating. My clarinet skills would not have gotten such a good rating. That's why I ended up on flag corp my freshman year! LOL!

Yvonne Perry