Monday, October 08, 2007

Hosted Band Competition (first one)

Wow - I was so worn out yesterday I forgot to post about the competition that we hosted at the school.

Here is the thing, being a host school for a competition, all the adults are volunteers and I was on the water station (handing the kids water from the other bands as they came off from their performance). I had a great time and saw some pretty interesting costumes and lots of beautiful colors. But I didn't get to see the bands perform and didn't get to see our group do their performance because of where we were.

Our stadium is built with a walking track on the outside of the field inside the stadium area and then a drive area that basically runs from the bus parking lot to the bus maintenance lot and out to the streets. So anyone could walk or drive or be on that track without being seen and distracting the events on the field. I didn't mind being on water but when it got dark, it was lonely back there with only one light and not in a very helpful position for our water station.

But the kids were very appreciative of us having the water station regardless of where we were. They were really good from all the other bands. One band came through and were all dolled up like Chinese women and found out that their program is called Journey to China and they are one of 10 American bands going to China next summer for the Summer Olympics. They also won several awards in their class. Now how cool is that - to be selected to participate in the Summer Olympics in China? I wish them well.

As soon as the results are posted on the band link directory, I will post how our band actually scored. Even though we were the exhibition band, we asked to be scored like we were competing so we knew what to work on for this week since we have two competitions in one day.

Anyway, must get some work done - will post later - E :)

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