Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Competition results and pics

Not going to do a video or slide show since there are only a couple of pics that I would put up right now. Seems our photographer didn't take as many pics as the two previous competitiosn but that's okay - I'll be getting a CD of the competition at the next meeting which is the 1st of November.

We had one accident when we were closing up everything and getting the stadium closed down. One of our band parents who was working with the funnel cake stand knocked the grease over and burned her hand and both feet. The last I heard today was that she was doing much better; they had taken her to the hospital Saturday night and transferred her to the burn center in Augusta today and told her that she has to come back tomororw and if she blisters up they may have to do skin grafts but if she doesn't then she should be okay. They removed several blistered areas from her hand the other day but they need to keep an eye on her for a few days. According to the kids when I picked them up this afternoon, she is doing very well. She was probably in pain but still showing her usual disposition of happy to be there and all. She admitted it was her fault - she was turning off the burner and just bumped the grease - but thankfully she didn't get it worse - all over.

So now on to the results. I looked up the recap and saw the scores for the bands that performed. The one that took Gold Championship (which was the 3A and 4A bands) scored a total of 92. Our score was not on there (even though we were not competing we asked that we be scored so we would know what to work on for this week before the double competition day) but the kids informed me that our band scored a 91.925 (talk about close scores). The director told them that the school that won with that 92 their music was good but their show wasn't that good at all. So he was rather surprised they took the championship. So goes subjectiveness on the judges' part. Anyway, the next band down scored an 89.150. The scores don't seem very high and especially looking at the 1A and 2A scores, but the SCBDA changed the scoring system this year and so this we are having to work much harder to get decent scores.

Here are a few pictures from the events on Saturday. The first one is of the lady who got burned. She is in the middle.

Next we have Benjamin and the rest of the pit doing their thing.

And this last one is so you can see where I was stationed for the water tent which is behind the stadium and down - you can't really see where I am but you get the idea. I was in the land of the lost - lol -

When you look towards the seating to the left where the light is where I was - below that fence line and there is a good drop off behind those seats - but basically that is where I had been all day long - the competitions started at 3 pm and I left there right before the awards ceremony was supposed to start at 10 pm - Next year I am definitely going to suggest they put the water tent elsewhere and at least give us an opportunity to see the bands compete if only from the backside - lol -

There you have the scores and a couple of pics - enjoy - E :)


Jennifer Brown said...

Oh goodness! There's nothing worse than a bad burn. I hope your friend is okay and not in too much pain!

Susan said...

I'm so thrilled you are getting use from the lessons. It's amazing that you want to share them with the schools. That's great! Please just make sure you let them know where you got them, OK? Send all those eager teachers to my website so they can order the blackline masters. :-)

I've been swamped, and have barely had time to post blogs, much less visit friends in bloggerland. I got the final edit of my Book 3 back, and now must go through it before it goes to typesetting. I hope to do that this morning. AND...I'm trying to finish book 4 before December so I can have it to my editor by February. Life is spinning out of control.

Hope all is well with you, E.