Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today's question comes from F.H. from Ms. Jurkowski's third grade class. F.H. asks: Why do you like to blog? How do you get your ideas? How many pages do you write?

Answer: Well, F.H., there is no right way to answer this question. I started blogging while my kids were in marching band as a way to keep my friends and family entertained and informed about what was going on with my life and the kids. Once I started entering contests and writing short stories, I needed to keep everyone apprised of what was happening with my writing, so I continued blogging. I originally attempted to post about once a month or randomly whenever I could or needed to blog. I started writing stories for publication and started blogging a little more often. Now that I've moved from a traditional publisher and am having to do all my own marketing, my own publishing and everything in between, I need to blog more often. This year I decided to move to scheduled blog postings on Mondays and Thursdays except the fourth week of the month when I would have guest bloggers on the blog, either via an interview or via an article. I added the WWYWWQ late in January to try to connect with the school side of things since I feel my books needed to be in the schools.

So to answer your question, I enjoy blogging as long as I have something to blog about. I'm starting to run out of ideas and have put several requests out there for ideas but no one has responded. I try to keep to my 2 actual blog postings and the WWYWWQ each week. I do random postings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and try to do blog repostings of articles I like or think will benefit my readers to those days as well. Sundasy is reserved for my week in review week - keeping up with my sales and other happenings during the week and also as a way to let folks know what is coming up during the week.

Thanks for asking your question, F.H. Keep writing and keep the questions coming. Mrs. E :)


Charmaine Clancy said...

I love blogging, but after this A-Z challenge I'm doing, I've decided to slow down a little. I'll maybe blog once a week, so I can get some writing done too :)

Wagging Tales

elysabeth said...

Charmaine, One reason I'm not participating in the A-Z challenge - I don't have that many topics to write about in a month and I have too much else going on to devote 26 days straight to blogging - lol. A couple of my online friends had requested or recommended that I participate in this month's challenge but I had to say maybe next year.

I'm doing good to keep my blog fresh as it is - I'm totally running out of ideas to blog about. Oh well, such is life. Thanks for stopping by and checking what the kids are asking and commenting. Chat soon - E :)