Sunday, April 15, 2012

This and That

I wasn't planning on doing anything for Friday the 13th but at the last minute I decided to put all three stories up for free.

I just looked at my KDP reports and really don't think they are correct but here are my numbers downloads and sales:

"The Tulip Kiss" - US 160; UK 24; DE 2; FR 0; ES 0; IT 0.
"The Proposal" - US 172 (2 of those were actual sales for the week); UK 13; DE 0; FR 0; ES 0; IT 0.
"Bride-and-Seek" - US 318; UK 46; DE 4; FR 0; ES 1; IT 0.

It's funny that, according to J.A. Konrath, "Bride-and-Seek" is my worst cover (I do know it is in the process of being made better) but had the highest downloads. For a last minute decision, I'm pretty pleased. I did gain a reader in Spain, so that is a good thing. "The Tulip Kiss" and "The Proposal" were pretty close overall with 186 and 185 respectively and "The Proposal" had been free at the beginning of the month, so I think the numbers are pretty decent.

I posted an Earth Day posting here and on the Writers on the Move blog Thursday with drawings occurring on both blogs for comments left onall postings between the 12th and 22nd, so potentially 16 to 20 winners. Five postings so far and five winners (I had two postings go up on the same day); one more week of postings to go. So remember to stop by here often and comment on the posting of the day and stop over to the WOTM blog and leave comments there as well. You never know when your number will be picked.

This week coming up I've got more information on my Curl Up with a Good Book afghan campaign, the WWYWWQ and book fairs (something the SC Author Connection is trying to get involved in). Don't forget to comment on any of those blog postings as well as the ones over on the WOTM blog throughout the week. See you all in the postings - E :)

(sorry this was supposed to go up at 11:30 this morning but I just noticed it went to draft instead of publishing. I'll leave the drawing for the comments on this posting until Monday evening after 5 p.m. just to be fair to everyone.)

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