Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earth Day 2012

It's hard to believe that earth day is almost upon us. I've posted my main posting over at the Writers on the Move blog today but am expanding the giveaway to both blogs.

We all need to have ways to conserve or recycle and reuse. Instead of using paper bookmarks, how about using a crocheted bookworm bookmark instead. Preserve the trees.

THE GIVEAWAY: For the next eleven days (the 12 through the 22nd) for comments left on my blog, any posting, and comments left over on the Writers on the Move blog, I will give away one Woodsy (or my Earth-y bookworm) each day; see the WOTM blog for more details of the drawings. There is a new posting every day on the Writers on the Move blog and should be between 6 and 8 new postings on my blog during that timeframe, so that will be between 17 and 20 drawings. Winners will be made daily. Make sure when you comment on either blog that you leave an email address so I can contact you if you are the day's winner so I can get your mailing address to send you your very own Earthday bookworm. E :)


BatyaD said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day! and Week! Love the colors of the bookworm.

Too bad most of the books I read nowadays are on my Nook. Then again, look at all the trees I'm saving!

kathy stemke said...

Love your bookmark!! I love to celebrate Earth Day too. come to my blog and get a free Earth Day Card for kids and adults.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elysabeth. What a neat giveaway to help celebrate Earth Day. I like the green varigated colors.


Faye Tollison said...

It is a great idea. I have one of your bookworms and it is so cute. I seem to be able to keep up with it better than my paper bookmarks. You're so creative, Elysabeth!

Faye M. Tollison
Upcoming books: THE BIBLE MURDERS

elysabeth said...

I forgot to post my congratulatory comment to Kathy for winning the bookworm from this posting - shame on me.

Faye, I love making the bookworms. When you get your afghan, you'll have a second bookworm too (each afghan comes with its own matching bookworm). I can't take credit for the creativity as I used a pattern I found online many years ago and had made these for the kids to give to their friends and teachers - eons ago - lol.

Susanne, I tried to send you an email the other day after I saw your comment but my email and computer were being a bit wonky and then I forgot once it got straightened out. The woodsy yarn is very earth colored and that's why I decided to use it for the "Earth Day" bookworm. Keep commenting, who knows, maybe you will win one.

Thanks for stopping by everyone - see you all in the postings - E :)

Charmaine Clancy said...

Was very cool to find out I was a winner - thanks!
Wagging Tales

Annie said...

And me--so many thanks Elysabeth. I so wanted one and can't believe I've won a bookworm of my own. whoopee.