Monday, April 02, 2012

Curl up with a good book afghans

I just finished my 2013 red, white, blue varigated afghan, which will be used only for a drawing and not for sale, and was so inspired by the quickness of the stitch I used (Alternating V Shell stitch) that I decided the colors of most of my bookworms would make really great afghans to sell at the Sugarfoot festival in October. They will be available on my website as well.

So the colors I'm going to make up will be the bonbon print (the one I call Cotton Candy - started and completed), Woodsy (the one I call Earth worm - will have to rename it or leave as woodsy for the afghan), Monet (the one I call Easter or spring 3 - started (need more yarn which will be purchased on payday)), melonberry (the one I call spring 1 or 2 - can't remember but it's on the website under gifts), Primary (or the other spring one) and the Marrakesh (or what I'm calling fall). My daughter keeps saying that the bonbon print is hers but I told her that she would have to save up her money and purchase it since I already made her an afghan and it isn't really being used - she says it's on the back of her computer chair which means it is not being used - lol.

I'm thinking $45 a piece will be a decent price, plus $5 shipping if ordered from the website.

I need to scour the thrift stores to find a quilt stand to display my afghans, so that will be my next project. I hope to have at least 3 maybe 4 completed by time of the SC Book Festival in May to put up for sale and go from there - E :)

(I was hoping to be able to post pictures of the completed afghans but have misplaced my camera so as soon as it shows up, I will get some pictures posted.)


Susanne Drazic said...

The afghans sound like they will be so pretty. I know the bookworms are cute. I've looked at them a few times.


elysabeth said...

I found my camera so will be posting some pictures on my websites soon. I decided today (Tuesday) to do samples of the colors I have and hope to have all the samples completed by the end of the week so I can post the pictures. The samples are 1/3 the width and 1/6 the depth (18 wide x 12 rows) which will showcase the colors nicely.

My bookworms have been my best selling items at two of my in-person events since I started selling them, so guess I have to keep a supply of them on hand for every event too. I'm sure the afghans will sell well at the fall events as folks are gearing up for Christmas gifts and winter. I guess I'll know next month when I have afghans to actually sell at an in-person event. More as this project develops. Thanks for stopping by - E :)