Sunday, April 08, 2012

This and That

Today's report looks a little better than past weeks have. Sales are slowly creeping up.

I've not really been doing much promoting of late due to being involved in several other things and having a ton of work to get done. I've been off track the last week or so, but hopefully this afternoon or this week I can get back on track and stay on track.

I'm working on completing a lot of crochet projects - mostly bookworms - for upcoming events, working on a school listing for the SC Author Connection book fairs (more on that in a posting next week) and working on my "curl up with a good book afghan" campaign. I sold one afghan to my friend Faye Tollison at the Sisters in Crime meeting the other night, even though the afghan isn't completed yet. She will receive her afghan at the next meeting and she's okay with that. When that one is finished, I'll start on another for sale, but I've made samples of all the varigated colors I will be making. I will also do solid colors to the customers specifications (as close in color as I can). Pictures of the samples can be found here and here.

Let's look at sales/free downloads/borrows for this week: "The Proposal" was available last Sunday for free to everyone; so when I mention downloads, this would be from the free day. According to my KDP report, in the US, I had 170 downloads, 4 sales after the free downloads and 1 borrow. I sold 1 copy of "The Tulip Kiss" during the week. For the UK report, I had 48 free downloads. In Germany (DE), I had 2 downloads. In France (FR), Spain (ES) and Italy (IT), I had no downloads or sales during the week. Five sales and a good many downloads, I'm happy with that. Not that five sales will buy much, but it is better than previous reports.

I hope that the momentum will start growing and that folks will start buying my other stories as they go up as well. I also was featured on Priscilla the Great's blog for the A to Z challenge with a review of Finally Home and from that feature I discovered I had a few more reviews than I realized on Amazon for Finally Home. Thank you reviewers.

I only gave away 2 of the 8 bookworms on my previous posting for folks leaving comments, but I'm going to try it again. Starting Thursday, April 12, and running through Sunday, April 22, Earth Day, I'm going to do a drawing from the comments left on this blog and comments left on the Writers On the Move blog for the days that a new posting goes up (6 to 8 potential posts here and 11 scheduled posts on the WOTM blog, so between 17 and 20 drawings/giveaways). This will only be for the Earth-y bookworms in honor of earth day. So please leave your comments here and over on the WOTM blog for your chance to win a bookworm. That's all I have to offer this week, off to work on the SC Author Connection school listing before I start working (going to be a long day). See you all in the postings - E :)

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Susanne Drazic said...

CONGRATS on the downloads and the sales. That is great. Happy Easter!