Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today's question is from S.S. from Ms. Jurkowski's third grade class. S.S. asks: Is it hard being an author?

Answer: It is hard some days and easy others. The reason I say this is that being an author is more than just writing the books, which is the easy part. Once the story is written, the hard part starts, which includes editing, revising, rewriting and then getting your story cover and illustrations if it is an illustrated story, then publishing and marketing. Marketing is the hardest part of being an author because you have to really put yourself out there for the world to see. You have to do a lot of events whether it be a book festival, a conference or even getting into a bookstore and doing a book signing, and do a lot of online promotion.

My philosophy on this is if you really want something you will really work hard for it. I enjoy writing my books and therefore will continue putting in the time and hard work to maintain my status as an author.

Thanks for the great question, S.S. Keep writing, keep working hard and keep the questions coming. Mrs. E :)

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