Sunday, July 22, 2012

This and That

This past week was a slow week but I did my surprise Susanne with a Random Act of Kindness posting and had several of her followers stop by and leave comments. So thank you all for stopping by and I hope you check back every once in a while and leave comments again.

Sales wise, I did sell an actual copy of Finally Home and last week (I didn't know about it so didn't report it) a copy of Finally Home sold on Nook. So Finally Home is having a late debut time. I've been told by several folks I need to write more and make Kelly and Emma (my two main characters) their own series like Nancy Drew and her friends. I just don't have any ideas to make this a series since Emma and Kelly are both about 13 or 14 and can't drive and the town I've set it in really is one of those quiet places where not much happens that I could build some mysteries around. So again, I'm reaching out to my readers and asking for you all to help shed some ideas on new mysteries for both Kelly and Emma to take on, I'm open to ideas. I would especially love to hear from folks who have read Finally Home and have a feel for my characters.

See you all in the postings - hope to hear from all of you - E :)


Susanne Drazic said...

Hi, Elysabeth! Thanks, again, for my surprise post.

CONGRATS on your blog milestone. I see you have 100+ followers. Yeah!

CONGRATS on the Finally Home sales. That is great. No ideas, as of right now, but I'll see after I read the book, which will be soon.

Have a great week!

elysabeth said...

Wow - Thanks for being observant - and that is due to you in part since your readers have come over. I hope you have a great week too - chat soon - E :)

Shirley Corder said...

Congrats on your sales of Finally Home.

Re Emma and Kelly - suggestion. Why not solve their transport problem by giving one of them an older brother coming home from college with a car? Of if your characters are already well established without older siblings, can you bring another friend into the mix, who DOES have an older brother?

elysabeth said...

Shirley, Thanks for that suggestion about Emma and Kelly. Kelly is definitey an only child and I can't remember if I established Emma as an only child or not (guess I should go back and reread my story - lol) but she is kind of a loner and Kelly had just moved to this town. The town I set the story in has very few people (last census I saw was like 85 or 89, so somewhere around 100 or fewer population wise).

I'll have to figure something out for them to get around because walking to the next town or the bigger towns is not an option but I still need some directions for some sort of mysteries for them to solve too - probably involving old houses and ghosts of sorts - if I decide to use the girls in a series.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and leaving comments on my blog - see you in the postings - E ;)