Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Miracles and Mystery of the Day

Days around here are getting a bit crazy and mysterious. This morning I took my friend, Andi, to the eye doctor (she's technically blind from a blood disorder called Factor V or Factor VIII but has a little bit of vision in her left eye; she also has developed cataracts over her eyes) for her followup status post cataract removal from the left eye yesterday. She was so excited by the ability to actually see the signs on the road, but the freaky thing is that she could see far away but not close up. So her visual acuity had reversed. When she left the doctor's office yesterday, or the surgery center, she was seeing 20/70 in her left eye; when she left the office today, her vision had improved to 20/25 in the left eye. She's to have the cataract removed from the right eye in about 3 weeks as a preventive measure because rupture of the cataract wouldn't be good with her blood conditions. The blindness was a quick loss of vision, not gradual and with the removal of the cataracts, she has clearer vision just as quickly or quicker than she actually lost her sight. The loss occurred over a period of 18 days. She had some blurriness in her right eye; called the eye doctor; had an appointment for 21 days later; and by day 18 had lost vision completely in her right eye and most of the vision in her left eye.

So now she needs reading glasses to see close up but that was an easy fix - Walmart sells them 3 pair for about $8. Yay - she can now see things both far and close up. No big mystery there, but nice little miracle. The doctor did tell her that when he does her surgery on the right eye she may gain some peripheral vision but probably not the central portion of her vision. She did say to me on the trip home that she would probably be driving again within a year or two (which will be a big miracle, although she knows she can't drive commercial vehicles any more).

After dropping her off and arriving home, I proceeded to go through all my emails and start working about 1:30 this afternoon. Sometime between arriving home and 2 or so this afternoon, I heard several shot sounds. Not unusual during hunting season, but it's not hunting season. I stepped out on the stoop to see if I saw anyone or anything that could be making the noise. No one else in the house heard the shots because they were all apparently sleeping.

About 5:30ish, son comes down and asks me to take him to town to get his phone from his friend's house. He usualy sits in the front seat and I thought it unusual he jumped in the back seat. His friend opened the front door and said it looked like "glitter" or glass or something was all over the seat. Upon closer inspection, we found my windshield had been blown out (shot) and found the bullet resting in the crevice of the seat where the back and seat part come together.

From what we all could figure was the shot was a downward trajectory right through the windshied. Police were called, and after waiting for about 45 minutes for them, showed up and took a report. Said it was definitely a shotgun, was a downward trajectory but couldn't figure out which direction it came from. He opened the front passanger door and looked at the glass and the bullet, et cetra, he looked at the door. There it was the richocet trajectory - the metal doorframe which stopped the bullet and caused it to bounce back to the seat. He said had it been a direct shot into the windshield the bullet would have gone through the seat or embedded in the seat and we wouldn't have seen it. So the mystery is who was on our property shooting and what were they shooting and why did my van take the brunt of the shooting? It's the mystery of the day.

I doubt we will ever find who shot at my windshield or why they did it but it does make me angry that someone did it in the first place. See you all in the postings - E :)


Susanne Drazic said...

Hi, Elysabeth. So sorry to hear about the windshield. Thankfully no one was in the van at the time. That is definitely a blessing.

elysabeth said...

yes, truly a blessing no one was in the van when it occurred. Funny thing is that apparently I'm the only one who heard the shots as the male persons in the house were all sleeping (son, husband and son's friend) - so it almost could be construed as me imagining things but the proof is in my windshield - lol. The bullet was on the seat and there is a definite penetration in the metal doorframe (didn't go all the way through or the bullet may never have been found). Waiting now for the glass people to call me and come fix the windshield - was told it would take between 1-1/2 and 2 hours to repair. - I've got things to do besides waiting for glass folks and work, so guess I should get back to work before they get here and I can do my other things once they have completed the task.

Thanks for stopping by - E :)