Sunday, July 08, 2012

This and That

July is moving very slowly on my end or maybe it's moving fast but I don't realize it. It is only the 8th of July and i feel like I've already run a marathon and a half. I've watched some of the Olympic trials - swimming, track and gymnastics recently and am unsure what our chances for gold are going to be like at the Olympics this year. I guess I'll have to check them out this summer.

Sales are slow everywhere - 1 copy of Finally Home sold for kindle this week. A copy of "The Proposal" and "The Tulip Kiss" were "sold" on smashwords - given that they are being offered for free right now, no royalties on those.

No one has taken advantage of any of my special deals posted last week. For the month of July, I'm offering a 20% discount on my afghan/kindle sleeve or tablet sleeve/bookworm combo. I'm also going to continue my afghan drawing chances special through the end of the month - $1 each no matter how many you purchase and with each 25, you get an extra 5 chances for free. The smashowrds 1/2 price special is still available on Finally Home as well as the free purchases for both "The Tulip Kiss" and "The Proposal". Coupon code SSW50 is needed at checkout but that is also on the side bar to let you know to use that coupon code to take advantage of the special deal.

I've been steady busy working on completing afghans and bookworms (have to build my collection back up for the August event).

I've been very nonparticipatory in events this year so far. I do have at least three more, maybe four, but most of that will depend on my funds. If I do well with my sales and special offers (the afghan combos, et cetera), I will probably be participating in at least four events with two definitely already booked.

This week, I'll have a book review for Jo Linsdell's "Out and About at the Zoo" as part of her book tour, and look for a surprise posting either this week or next. I need to start working on my guest posts for the upcoming school year and get with all the teachers with whom I've Skyped to start the bal rolling for my WWYWWQ postings so that after Labor Day, I'll be ready. Mr. Hughes has indicated that if the district approved their proposal that I would be working with the fourth, fifth and sixth grade classes this coming fall, so it will be interesting to see where this goes. More on that later - hope you all are staying cool and have a productive week - E :)

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