Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Educator's Life: Share the Wealth Saturday- COME AND JOIN!

Mr. Hughes, the sixth grade teacher I've worked with online for the last four school years, is offering a place to post your links for teacher related items (most are in the Teachers Pay Teachers site).  If you aren't familiar with the TpT site, it is a place where teachers offer sources and printouts, handouts, worksheets, games, et cetera to other teachers for a minimal fee.  This helps everyone in the long run.  Mr. Hughes is letting you offer your direct link to your store as well as any free offerings you may have.  You do need to register for at the TpT site in order to download the free offerings or even to purchase the items you may be intersted in, but it's free to sign up so no worries there.  If you have anything to offer teachers, whey not stop over and leave your free link so that teachers will be able to take advantage of some additional sources for their classrooms.  E :)

An Educator's Life: Share the Wealth Saturday- COME AND JOIN!: Share the Wealth Saturdays! HERE IT IS! The Latest Place to get Great Freebies! If you are a seller- Add your LINK NOW! If you ar...

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