Thursday, July 12, 2012


Are you looking for a free read?  Why not stop by Karen's blog and sign up to be notified when she has released her novella, MEDIEVAL MUSE, the first week of August.  If you aren't already a member of smashwords, make sure you get an account there first so when the book is available, you can go over there and download it for whatever ereader device you are using. 

As an aside, the month of July is the Spring/Winter special for readers to get special deals on certain books.  Some authors will discount their listed books 25%, 50%, 75% or even free.  All my books, Finally Home, "The Tulip Kiss" and "The Proposal", are discounted 50% with the coupon code SSW50 - but in reality you are getting the short stories for free since they are at the lowest possible regular price and can't be discounted below that amount other than as a free offering - so if you haven't read any of my books yet, stop over and get your downloads - E :)

KAREN ELIZABETH BROWN: Launch Party!: (Cover by Art By Retta)  Hi Everyone! I'm having a launch party for my new novella, Medieval Muse during the week of August 1st - 7th....

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Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

Thank you for mentioning my new novella Medieval Muse. It may be coming out a little early as a surprise to those who signed up. I will keep you informed.