Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last Week

This is the last week for all the special deals I have going on. Afghan combos 20% off; ebooks available on smashwords for 1/2 off or free; and chances for the red, white, blue afghan drawing now only $1/chance (actually a permanent reduction in price).

An update on the afghans and what is available: Aspen is completed; Watercolor is 2/3 completed (need to purchase 2 more skeins tomorrow when I'm in town); Melonberry is completed; Primary is completed; and Bonbon print is completed. I started the Woodsy last night and all that is left is the Marrakesh to start and complete. May also get yarn to do another Monet - that will give me 8 afghans. Would really love to start selling them. The Kindle or Nook sleeves and the tablet sleeves are available in Primary, Monet, Bonbon print, Aspen, Woodsy, Watercolor, Melonberry, Marrakesh, Old Glory and Mistletoe. I do need to find some buttons for some of them and get the velcro strips sewn onto the tablet sleeves but for the most part they are completed.

See you all in the postings - E :)

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