Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Next Stop - St. Louis and the Arch

Here we have the girls in front of the Riverboat before entering the Arch - group pics are really turning out pretty good here (Ms. Jan takes an excellent picture)

Here is the St. Louis Baseball Stadium taken from inside the top of the Arch - zoomed in for a closeup - pretty awesome to be up that high and be able to see so much of the city - Love the views from the Arch

Here is the Courthouse which is behind the Arch (according to some backside postcards Hailie brought home. When they were going to enter the Arch, the courthouse was sitting behind it - this is a zoomed in picture of the courthouse

This is a shadow the Arch casts as the sun is rising - and Hailie says if you look down in the grass area and see tiny little white dots (they are almost impossible to see on the picture, let alone on the scanned version) those are actually people - that's a long way up to be looking down and folks appear to be dots on a picture.

Now if Hailie wasn't acting judge and jury before, here she is inside the courthouse in the Judge's part. Does she look like she's ready to pass a sentence to you? - I'll never tell.

Hope you enjoy the trip pics (more will be coming as soon as Hailie's three cameras get developed - all of these were taken by Ms. Jan who made copies for each of the girls (at least the group ones) and also made some for the girls who didn't have their cameras when they were doing the tours or sightseeing. -- see you in the postings - hope you enjoy - E :)

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